'Making It' Season 2: Does the Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler show have the most biased judges?

Viewers are of the opinion that the judges don't do much on the show and have been particularly biased towards certain contestants

                            'Making It' Season 2: Does the Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler show have the most biased judges?
Nick Offerman (Source : Getty Images)

'Making It' Season 2 is getting interesting all thanks to the challenges that have gone from mildly easy to super challenging. The contestants were given supplies to create welcome wreathes with a twist. Imagine wreaths made of doll legs (creepy much?) and shirt cut-outs. So cool!

And in the second round, they were asked to make oversized front-yard display decor, which Floyd aced thanks to his idea of experimenting with Eagle. Unfortunately, Matt was shown the door. His dragon decor didn't quite impress the judges - Dayna Isom Johnson and Simon Doonan.

But the viewers are of a completely different opinion. They thought the elimination was unfair and that the judges were being biased in their decision.

"@NBCMakingIt please bring different judges on this show. Maybe have different judges every week. The current judges seem to create bias and their logic is irrelevant to the point of the show. #MakingIt #MakeAChange", shared one fan.

Another said, "I legit cannot stand these judges. Everything is fun and cute, and then they come in and it's like the villain in a Disney movie coming to murder a kid because the kid didn't use the right paint at the ball. #MakingIt"

A third fan shared, "It's that time of year again. When #MakingIt comes back on and I have to remind everyone the 2 “special” judges are the worst.''

Well, they have given their verdict. But honestly, Matt's work fell short in comparison to the detailing and grandeur the rest of the contestants had on display.

His dragon was a tad lackluster when pitched against the Eagle installation, pool-noodle surf waves, and a foam boat. However, it was great to see him take the elimination positively.  

In a nutshell, it's being loved by the audiences, with some even labeling it as one of the best reality TV shows to have aired in recent times. A few expressed that most reality shows thrive on gossip, drama, and backbiting, not this one. Well, let's hope 'Making It' continues its glorious stint and gets renewed for another season.

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