'Making It' Season 2: Eagan Tilghman's elimination unfair? Fans are disappointed

'Making It' Season 2: Eagan Tilghman's elimination unfair? Fans are disappointed
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Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler's 'Making It' Season 2 is in its final stages, and the challenge levels are only getting stiffer. As per the norm, each episode will witness an elimination, but today's ouster was unexpected and shocking. 

Eagan Tilghman, the youngest of the lot, has shown so much potential in the last few episodes. He is a costume designer and spends a good part of his time putting together costumes for his siblings. He had even made a Pennywise outfit for his little brother, which went viral on social media. Even though his expertise lies with threads and needles, the young lad was able to ace the wide range of challenges that were thrown at him. Be it a dog house, an unconventional wreath, or a front-yard display, Eagan mastered it all and left the judges impressed. 

Unfortunately, his craftsmanship fell short in the latest episode and his office cubicle project didn't leave quite the impression on the judges, Dayna Isom Johnson and Simon Doonan. Interestingly, in the faster craft round his work fetched a lot of cheer from the judges, hosts, and fellow contestants. As part of cake decoration, Eagan covered a store-bought cake with fondant and white chocolate splatter.


"It's so sophisticated, Eagan," said Dayna. While Simon admitted having enjoyed the dynamism of the cake. "This dynamic thrust here with this burst. That cartoon-y sort of dynamism, that sort of comes up in your work," he added and asked if he was inspired by Lilly's cake decor because it had a suspended feature too. To which he said that they used a similar idea but in different ways. 

In the master-craft round, Eagan went big with his movie set theme, in which he used spray paint to transform his cubicle into an urban alleyway. It was an interesting concept and certainly not what you'd see in a regular office setting. Simon, however, thought his design was a tad "busy" and asked Eagan how it would be inspiring to him. He was also asked to keep in mind that the cubicle has to be fully-functional. Amy was particularly impressed and "this looks age-appropriate."

Unfortunately, Eagan's design didn't come out on top in comparison with the rest, and he was eliminated from the show. This didn't sit well with the viewers and they've questioned the judges' decision. Here's what they have said: 


"I’m so heartbroken @eag2n. You’re so talented. I wasn’t kidding when I said Eagan will be a household name. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you #makingit"

"Oooh, looks like Dayna and Simon have already made up their minds about Eagan's alleyway cubicle.  #MakingIt"


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