'Making It' Season 2: Crafter Floyd Davis gets eliminated but fans think he should have been one of the finalists

Floyd Davis was a master crafter and would bring fresh, interesting ideas to the table. Unfortunately, he was shown the doors in tonight's episode

                            'Making It' Season 2: Crafter Floyd Davis gets eliminated but fans think he should have been one of the finalists

Eliminating contestants is getting harder on 'Making It' Season 2. As the show nears its end, judges are having to let go of deserving contestants just on a comparative basis. Floyd Davis, who aced every challenge thrown at him, was shown the doors in tonight's episode.

This was unfortunate given how great he was with his concepts — out-of-the-box, fresh and always had an edge over the others. But, his kids' room didn't live up to expectations. Judges Dayna Isom Johnson and Simon Doonan were left confused with his master craft. 

The challenge was to create a kids' room while playing with the scale. However, he left the judges a tad bit baffled, who said even though his ideas were interesting, they weren't cohesive.

"I'm still a bit confused about the scale thing. I get it that this is high-up but it's not so insanely princess-and-the-pea high-up. And then this is normal scale, there's no tweaking of the scale,'' Simon said. 

In his defense, David said he tried playing with sizes when he created large, twisted pencils and paper planes.


Previously, he had made a welcome wreath using a saw blade, an eagle as a front-yard display, and a bucket full critter cake decor among other crafts. They were all very well thought out and executed.

He's a confident crafter and aims at creating something different each time, which caught the viewers' attention and we guess that's why they wanted him to stick around longer. 

Social media was flooded with tweets about how he was eliminated too soon and should have easily become one of the finalists of NBC's super creative crafting competition series.

"Damn it! @FloydadavisIV was my favorite to take it all the way on @NBCMakingIt — what a talent. You’re skill & artistry will take you far much good luck in L.A. from your fans in Chi-Town. #MakingIt," posted one user.

Another shared, "Oh, Floyd. You may not have won @NBCMakingIt, but you definitely won many many many many MANY a ladies (and, let’s be real, gents)s. #makingit #makingitseason2"

A third user posted, "And once again I am devastated by #makingit. @FloydadavisIV @NBCMakingIt I wish the most number of patches won, instead of elimination. #makingit"

'Making It' Season 2 will air its season finale on December 11, Wednesday, 9/8 c on NBC.

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