Symphani Soto shares how she juggles being a beauty guru, singer and influencer as she awaits the release of her new EP

Soto will release her EP titled 'I AM' on September 21. The EP is about the high and lows of a relationship. Those moments of figuring what you like and dislike in a person

                            Symphani Soto shares how she juggles being a beauty guru, singer and influencer as she awaits the release of her new EP
Symphani Soton (Source:Getty Images)

Symphani Soto is no stranger to the world of beauty, but did you know that she has always been a singer as well? With her upcoming EP slated to release on September, the 25-year-old beauty guru sits with Meaww for an exclusive interview and shares her journey of finding her "sound," dealing with haters, looking back to her first makeup tutorial and reveals how the rapper The Game tried to slide into her sister's DMs.

Can you tell us what 'I AM' is about, the songs we will be listening to, the title and the release date? Also, it would be fab if you could share how you came up with this EP?

Thank you! I’m excited as well. My EP is about the highs and lows of a relationship. Those moments of figuring what you like and dislike about a person. I've only been in two serious relationships. I'm in one currently. I took a lot of the things I've experienced in this relationship as well as other "situationships" and put into this EP. There are 6 songs on this EP. All of them with a different sound but I feel as though they cohesively flow together. My EP will be released on September 21. 


How long did you work on this upcoming EP and what was the biggest challenge in making it a reality?

I've been working on this EP since November 2017. It really first started out as "I don't know what I want to do". I didn't know what my sound was and I just want to create music. I started to take it more seriously in January after my birthday I was really inspired to just get into another creative side. It was difficult to put my all into it because I was trying to juggle being a "beauty guru, influencer". My mind was somewhere else. I was trying to create a balance because I love them both. 


You are one of the major beauty influencers on YouTube. Kindly share with us how you started your YouTube career and where do you see your channel in the next two years?

I started on YouTube about 3 years ago. I have always been around the beauty world since my mom was a cosmetologist. I decided to take a crack at it myself and found that I had a passion for it. It’s fun for me to create in that way. I think in the next two years I will have a whole different kind of platform where music and beauty mesh together.


Millions of people look to your channel for inspiration. Who is your inspiration and how do you keep up with the ever-so-evolving beauty world?

My mom inspires me so much. She constantly is pouring into me. Pep talking me. Reminding me who I am and where I come from. So when it comes to trying to keep up with this beauty world I am reminded to stay true to who I am as an individual. Getting caught up in this ever-changing world is so tiring and can burn you out fast. I just try to continue to evolve as a better person then I was the day prior. 

What is your current favorite beauty look?

My current fav is a nice natural "beat". Meaning subtle makeup. Sometimes I will pop color in there but for the most part, I'm a "plain jane" I love natural glowy makeup. 


From a Makeup guru to a singer, how did you venture into singing? 

Some may not know I was a singer first. I've always been into music at a very young age. Singing at school. Doing plays, musical theatre etc. Music is definitely second nature to me. 

Let's talk about your previous music video 'What You Want Ft Kim,' that did so well on YouTube. With over 133,591 views as of now, how do you feel about the music video? Will we be seeing something similar for the upcoming songs?  

I feel like that song and music video was a great first start. That was my first time ever putting anything out. It taught me a lot. I feel that my sound is different now compared to that song. I have more of an R&B sound now which is one of my favorites. 


Which is your personal favorite video out of all your videos? Why?

My first makeup tutorial. I had horrible skin and I still deal with troubled skin. I put myself out there for the world to kind of judge me and I was afraid but the response and the support was so overwhelming it pushed me to become more confident. Which in turn made me feel I could do anything.


In October 2017, you were in the news for accusing the rapper, The Game, of messaging your younger sister. Have you heard from the rapper ever since?

No, that was such an uncomfortable thing for my sister, who at the time was 17, to go through or experience. I felt bad for her. I think it just isn't responsible for grown men to seek out young girls on the internet. 

As a powerful influencer, what message would you like to give those who would like to follow in your footsteps?

To follow your dream whatever it may be. TRY! TRYING is the best thing you can do for yourself. Invest in yourself and your dreams. 

We heard you have always been fascinated with Disney. Why is that so? 

I am a weird kind of quirky person lol. I love making weird voices. Talking with accents. I’ve always wanted to do a Disney movie since I was a kid. Growing up I would act out some of favorite Disney movies. Sing the songs all over the house. Aside from music, I would love to be a voice over actor! Another dream of mine. 

How do you deal with haters and negativity always lurking on Social media?

I tune it out. Block and move on. 

What is your mantra of living the best life?

Whatever is meant to be will be. So I don't stress it too much. What I'm meant to have in my life will come to me. No matter what.