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Major League Baseball 'treasure' Joe Buck splits fans again after his commentary on Yankees-Nationals game

The renowned sportscaster has drawn flak from fans again who say he sounds bored on-air and also makes calls
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

If you were Joe Buck, chances are you would be reading a bunch of trolls and looking at memes right now. The renowned sportscaster talking on-air about the New York Yankees and the Washington Nationals game drew the mockery of many listeners. Buck's commentary came under scrutiny by fans who hated listening to him because he allegedly sounded bored on-air and also made calls. One of the highlights included him saying, "That is music to a hitter's eyes."

And this was enough for fans to go on a major rant. "He says some of the dumbest things," a fan wrote. "if you’re a fan of any other baseball team other than the Yankees and nationals.. please retain from complaining tonight. be thankful you don’t have to listen to joe buck for 3 hours," another fan tweet read. "He has a good voice but his commentary is terrible .. every time he just repeats a player's name," another remarked. "Good to see #joebuck trending again, just means he’s getting roasted and games are back on tv!" a fan said.

"You can have a great voice but if you don't have the brains, you have nothing. I miss Skip Carey soo much. Joe Buck, bye," a fan tweeted. "Oh goody Joe Buck is calling the game," a fan mocked. "He is annoying during NFL games, too. Him and Troy, ughhhh!" a fan tweeted. "I was literally like am I going to let Joe buck ruin tonight. The answer is yes I hate you Joe buck," a fan opined. "I'm just happy Joe Buck doesn't work Dodgeball matches," a fan exclaimed.

"Joe Buck just said 'little fly ball' during the Nats game and I got flashbacks," a fan laughed. That wasn't all as fans picked on some of the choice moments. "Did Joe Buck just say 'New World Order'?" a fan wrote. "Joe Buck — 'If it had been any other player on this team, they would have gone home."

Despite all the hate, there were a few who felt Buck had vastly improved. "Sutcliffe is the other one who gives me the red ass. I ain't a Buck fan, but there are worse," a fan wrote. "I don't see why there's so much hate, but it does look like he's better than the last few times," a fan tweet read. However, it does look like the roasting was more than the specks of support. 

As far as the results go, Washington Nationals got the better of the Yankees as they won 9-2.