Maine Senate Race: Max Linn's 'request denied' video goes viral, Internet calls it 'best and worst debate'

During the debate, Independent candidate Max Linn shut down questions posed at him by moderators on the panel on affordable healthcare with a snark 'request denied'

                            Maine Senate Race: Max Linn's 'request denied' video goes viral, Internet calls it 'best and worst debate'
Max Linn (Max Linn Campaign)

Senator candidate Max Linn has given a buzzing line ahead of Senate elections to shun anybody by saying "request denied". As the first debate in Maine’s US Senate race kicked off on September 11, it created a lot of noise on the internet as independent candidate Max Linn shut down questions posed at him on affordable healthcare by moderators on the panel of Bangor Daily News and The Portland Press Herald, who sponsored the event. During the debate, the moderator asked Linn how he would ensure that everyone gets affordable healthcare. To this Linn replied, "I mentioned I have to be outside the box because I am competing against $100M. I am going to put your question aside and I have a bombshell to announce."

However, the moderator pressed Linn to just stick to the question first before his announcement, which Linn ignored. He said, "Request Denied. I would like to say the eyes and ears and voices of people, we represent nature and the wilderness. That brings me to the CMP corridor. How many people come up to 80,000 people."

A user wrote sharing the viral video, "This is fantastic. I fully plan on using this tactic at work. Boss: Can I get those apportionment spreadsheets? Me: Yeah...well...request denied. Boss: But it's your job... Me: Request denied, again and I appreciate that."


The moderator again asked about healthcare. "Do you have any interest in healthcare? We can talk about that and talk on other things later." Again evading the question, Linn said, "Request Denied, again." He added in his defense that he had not yet become a Senator so such questions must not be pointed at him. "Moderators are great moderators and I apologize because I know you are doing your job as best as possible. Please realize I haven't started my time, I am addressing this and you are flushing me." He said in his defense, "I am competing against a hundred million dollars here and they are the frontrunners. For me to be the US Senate candidate, I have to be out of the box tonight."

Linn is representing Maine in the US Senate elections to be held on November 3. He earlier ran in 2018 too but was disqualified following accusations of fraudulent signatures on his ballot access petitions, as reported by Ballot Pedia. Maine's US Senate race is perceived as one of the most expensive races in the country and one of the most competitive ones which had Senator Susan Collins, candidates Sara Gideon and Lisa Savage along with Linn participating in a televised debate on September 11. 
As soon as his comments dropped on evading healthcare-based questions, people took to the internet to ridicule him. Some felt that while everyone expected Collins and Gideon attacking one another throughout this debate, Linn stole the limelight by crossing with the moderators. Some mocked him for his answer that he does not want to be judged in the debate.

One user wrote, "'I want the question but I don't want to be judged on my answer.' He really said that. Also, 'request denied' re being asked to stick to the topic of the question rather know...not." Another found the debate interesting and wrote, "This is simultaneously the best and worst debate answer I have ever heard." Reporter Hannah Dineed tweeted, “We anticipated Collins and Gideon attacking one another throughout this debate, but the most significant face-off thus far may be between Max Linn and the moderators. #requestdenied.”




Some people had a laughter riot after his comments dropped and used “request denied” in a funny way to express their opinions. Others felt Linn was trying to mansplain. Some felt his remarks were very immature in a respectable debate session. A user wrote, "I desperately want to be 17 again so I can use 'request denied' in a debate round! Brilliant." Another said, "Max Linn doesn’t debate. Max Linn only mansplains deep ideas into your puny mind." One wrote, "'Request denied' is going to be my new response to my boss when I'm asked a question during Zoom meetings." Another mocked him and Collins, "Susan Collins to the voters of Maine: 'Please give me another term' Voters of Maine: 'Request denied', That might be the first and last line Max Linn is famous for."





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