'Magnum PI' Season 3 Premiere: Creepy mysterious white SUV has fans speculating that (spoiler) is back for Magnum

Some fans speculated the stalker might be 'Gene Curtis' played by guest star Peter Facinelli, who is now taking his time to do it right after having failed to get Magnum the last time

                            'Magnum PI' Season 3 Premiere: Creepy mysterious white SUV has fans speculating that (spoiler) is back for Magnum

The Season 3 premiere of "Magnum PI' ended on an unsettling cliffhanger. All through the episode, a white SUV kept tailing them and Magnum was more curious than concerned, slowing down to try to get a look at the mysterious driver. But it is obvious that the person tailing them was not a rookie as he (or she) took a sharp turn and sped away to avoid detection. Later, Magnum shook the car off by using a building's cul de sac to hide creating an opportunity for Higgins to get the license plate. Even though the plates led back to a rental agency, the mystery seemed connected to the "double jeopardy" couple who were tailing Magnum and Higgins to get a location read on Max "Rogers". 

But at the very end of the episode, even after the couple was arrested by Gordon and his team, we see the white SUV still tailing Magnum's car with its new "Higgins" plate. It was a cliffhanger but don't expect the mystery to be solved in the next episode either because the identity of the stalker might be a season-long arc. We might get small clues every episode till the season finale when we will finally have the big showdown. This means that whoever is in that white car is also this season's 'Big Bad'.

Fans are already intrigued about who this stalker might be and why he is so interested in Magnum and Higgins.  One fan said: "So, what's the deal with the white SUV on #MagnumPI? who is in it?", while another looked forward to try and "deal with the mysterious figure" for the whole season. Many users just put up gifs or goggle-eyes after spotting the white SUV at the episode ends with comments like "the SUV is following them again" or "Who's in the white SUV".









We already know that this stalker has a lot of patience and is willing to tail them for a long time. So could it be an old acquaintance of Magnum from the war or someone with a vendetta against Higgins from her MI6 past? Fans were already speculating about the identity of the mysterious stalker who likes to play "O What a Wonderful World' in his car while he engages in his cat and mouse pursuit of Magnum and Higgins. One fan speculated, "It has to be someone from Magnum that past following him or Higgins".  


But other fans had more concrete ideas on who the stalker might be -- namely Ivan aka "Gene Curtis", who was very interested in knowing the identity of the Navy SEAL on whom Robin Master's "White Knight" novels were based on and even tortured Higgins and Kumu to get that information. Played by guest star Peter Facinelli, Ivan is Magnum’s "devil". He almost got to Magnum too by organizing a fake mission to take him out in the eleventh episode of the second season 'Day I Met the Devil'.

So it may as well be Ivan, back for the kill and taking his time to do it right after having failed the last time. After all, the "Ivan" in the old Magnum PI series was a notable antagonist too so it makes sense for the reboot to present a fresh take on the OG Ivan's "Russian agent" storyline in which he had once held Magnum captive during the Vietnam War and wanted to kill him. One fan tweeted: "THE VAN. OMGGG IVAN??", while another speculated "Ivan probably coming back".  




It would be a nice call back to the OG Magnum PI since the Ivan storyline was part of the old series' Season 3 too. 

'Magnum PI' airs on CBS on Friday nights at 9/8c.

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