'Magnum PI' Season 3 Episode 1: 'Miggins' shippers swoon as Magnum swoops in to rescue a wounded Higgins

'Just so you know, we’re going to be floating on cloud nine over that 'I’m not leaving you' for a very long time,' tweeted one fan after Magnum refused leave Higgins's side after she's shot.

                            'Magnum PI' Season 3 Episode 1: 'Miggins' shippers swoon as Magnum swoops in to rescue a wounded Higgins

Even though Higgins was threatening our boy with rent demands and got that "Higgins" plate for the car, Magnum obviously cares deeply about her. After a tense shootout with the trigger-happy couple, Higgins and Magnum run out of Max "Rogers" house to escape getting shot. They split up and when is this ever a good idea? 

The couple goes after Higgins managing to shoot her. This is when Magnum shines, swooping in to locate her after the crazy couple leaves to avoid cops. Fans couldn't stop swooning over how Magnum princess-carried her to the car and got her to the hospital in time, despite getting pulled over by Gordon and his team. He was even ok with the couple getting away as he told Higgins "I'm not leaving you" when she told him to follow them instead of looking after her.  

Jay Hernandez, tweeted a pic of him watching the scene with Perdita Weeks (who plays Higgins) saying he was "very valiant", while a fan commented: "Just so you know, we’re going to be floating on cloud nine over that “I’m not leaving you” for a very long time."





His hero moves also earned him a reprieve from Higgins who realized that without Magnum, there would be no White Knights and she would not be in Hawaii without it. Magnum also acknowledged that when Higgins got shot, he was legit scared that she might die in his arms, he knew that he couldn't live without her in his life. He even pawned his Rolex, the one his dad gave him, to repair the car's tires -- supporting Higgins by paying off the huge bill that would have been up to Higgins to cover as Robin's Nest's new master.

Of course, there is the question of that handsome doctor who sweeps in to ask Higgins out before Magnum has even a chance to process his feelings, but a bit of jealousy is possibly just what might get the Miggins ship sailing for real. "The jealousy in Thomas’ eyes over hot doctor is too funny," said one user, while another commented: "MAGNUM IS UPSET ABOUT JULIETTE LIKING ETH... uh Dr. Shaw [Shah]"  






But fans seem a little frustrated at Magnum and Higgins being unable to acknowledge their feelings for each other. One fan quoted Magnum's "I didn't want you to die" dialogue before commenting "I wonder why". Another fan took out her frustrations on Higgins saying, "Come on Higgins just admit you like him back. Magnum & Juliet [Higgins] belong together!", while another tweet chimed in saying: "Come on! Let’s hope for a Magnum and Higgins relationship this season!" 









But things are progressing, albeit slowly, because there were small moments of protective intimacy that usually don't happen. The best one being Magnum gently fastening Higgins's seat belt and of course the confession that he wouldn't know what to do without her. "You know we have it bad when we get excited about Magnum putting Juliet’s seatbelt on for her.  Send help. This season is going to be rough," while others commented on the 'oldie but goldie' move of helping with the seat belt to get in some intimacy.   





Magnum PI' airs on CBS on Friday nights at 9/8c. 

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