Magnum P.I's new trailer looks hipper than ever but that missing mustache sure is disappointing

Magnum P.I's new trailer looks hipper than ever but that missing mustache sure is disappointing
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Get ready for a major nostalgia trip guys! Maybe even rattle up those old DVDs. 'Magnum PI's reboot trailer is out and it looks fantastic as ever - if you aren't the type to shed a tear over a trashed Ferrari or two. 

CBS is bringing back the good old series with Jay Hernandez playing the role of Thomas Magnum. From the looks of the trailer, the new series will not be entirely the same as the original. 

CBS has released a first official look at its Magnum P.I. revival and, well, it doesn’t exactly look like the old Tom Selleck version of the series. The series ran from 1980 to 1988 during its first-run broadcast on CBS. According to the Nielsen ratings, Magnum, P.I. consistently ranked in the top twenty U.S. television programs during the first five years of its original run in the United States.

In it's reboot, the iconic red Ferrari is in place but the mustache is missing - which is quite a disappointment. There are none of the flowery printed airy Hawaiian shirts that we loved. Instead, there's a slick, toned and well groomed modern feel to him. Obviously, CBS is trying to spin it off as a new and hipper, updated, kind of series. It is yet to see if it would work. 

Earlier ABC had wanted to do a spin-off and at the time it was said that it would be a continuation of the 1980's series. The same feel, the same everything. The one change they wanted was to make Magnum's daughter the protagonist and she would step into his shoes. She could then pick up the plot where her father left off continuing his massive legacy. 

CBS' reboot does seem closer to the original 'Magnum PI'. There's a chance that the new and hip factor may just make it very appealing to the newer and younger generation. It's quite the leap of faith but we are very excited! Jay Hernandez stars as Thomas Magnum, Zachary Knighton as Rick Wright, Stephen Hill as TC Calvin and Perdita Weeks as Juliet Higgins.

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