Why Magellan TV should be your next documentary destination for streaming real-life stories

Why Magellan TV should be your next documentary destination for streaming real-life stories

If you're one of those people who prefer to dig into the real-life stories, Magellan TV has to be your next stop. And even if you're not, there are about 3,000 hours of premium documentary content for you to explore. A streaming service dedicated to the genre of films that is all about digging its claws into the real world in all its glory, that is, documentaries, Magellan TV is well on its way to being the next big thing.

You'll find everything from history, science, nature, space, crime, historical drama, and more in its offerings. The idea behind the service is "Documentaries Worth Watching" and true to its name, it has got stuff like Ron Howard’s space classic 'In the Shadow of the Moon',  'Everything and Nothing' by Jim Al-Kahlili, 'Rome: Empire Without Limit' with renowned historian Mary Beard, and a deep collection of WWII programs. "It's our goal to offer the deepest collection of history and space science programming available anywhere via VOD," Managing Director Greg Diefenbach told MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) in an exclusive interview. 


But they aren't just about varied content, they are also about ones that make you ask questions. "It's really about the passion to explore," he says, explaining what really sets Magellan TV apart from the rest. "To know more, and to see what’s over the horizon.  At MagellanTV, our team focuses on providing viewers with only top-quality programs that are carefully curated into subject trays and playlists designed to stoke the imagination. Our focus is on the highly engaged viewer who yearns for the deep dive into the stories and themes that have shaped our world. MagellanTV works hard to be 'Documentaries Worth Watching'. That’s what sets us apart," he says. 

 Here are some excerpts from the interview:


You're part of the streaming industry with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Apple TV+, Disney, Oxygen and the like and that list will probably continue to increase. What is your strategy to always stay ahead of the line?

We’re constantly producing and acquiring new content. That’s important, of course.  But volume of programs is not a winning long-term strategy. Aligning your content offering with your viewer’s interests is much more important than volume. Careful curation is the key, and the effort to tell great stories that appeal to committed viewers, that’s what sets MagellanTV apart. 

Do you think these many streaming platforms is a healthy thing for the market? 

We’re experiencing a sweeping revolution in the viewer's relationship with content.  And it's going to continue exploding and changing for quite some time to come.  (For example, we haven't even begun to experience the impact of 5G mobile content delivery!) The market will adapt. And the consumer will be the winner. It's an exciting time.     


Do you see a lot of focused streaming platforms such as yours coming into the picture in the near future? If yes, what would catapult that?

No doubt additional streaming platforms will come online. Content producers everywhere have always dreamed of connecting directly to the audience, and technology now makes that dream possible for everyone. Of course, whether that dream proves to be a good business model for everyone is another thing entirely.

What is the future of documentaries and nonfiction streaming? 

We believe the streaming revolution has unlocked the demand for great factual programming. We see a future in which there are more programs to choose from, greater experimentation with storytelling formats, more viewers, and more satisfying viewer-experiences.  This is a great moment in history for documentary story-telling and for lovers of documentaries.  

What are the exciting things we can look forward to? 


MagellanTV is growing fast!  The interest we've received in our service from both consumers and big OTT platform providers has been fantastic. Continued expansion of MagellanTV’s distribution, both in the US and globally, will be big news in the months ahead. We’re also looking forward to an exciting summer focusing on remembrances of D-Day, and space science programming related to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Look for MagellanTV’s exclusive premiere of the 2-part space epic 'The Battle for the Moon' coming out later this spring!

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