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MAGA mob calls Lindsey Graham 'traitor' at Reagan airport, yells 'audit our votes' as Senator dumps Donald Trump

A video showed a woman shouting 'you're a liar' and even as Graham's security personnel escorted him away, the crowd followed him
Lindsey Graham (Getty images)
Lindsey Graham (Getty images)

When Republican Senator Lindsey Graham backed Kamala Harris and Joe Biden as the next leaders of America on the Senate Floor, he left President Donald Trump fuming. The once-staunch Trump supporter had long been distancing himself from the President and he finally went public with it only recently. As a result, he found himself on the receiving end of Trump supporters' wrath. The abuses that started online moved to Reagan National Airport on January 8 when MAGA supporters called Graham a "traitor", among other names.

In a video inside an airport terminal, a crowd can be seen shouting "traitor" several times as security staff stand around the South Carolina senator to protect him. The video, which was obtained by Politico, also shows a woman shouting at Graham, "you're a liar." Even as his security personnel escorted him away, the crowd followed him. The video quite clearly shows a woman wearing a t-shirt that had 'I love Trump' printed on one side and 'Q' on the back. She tells Graham, "One day (you) will not be able to walk down the street — it is today." It can be presumed that the Q on the bad could be referring to QAnon conspiracy theory.

Following the violent protest of Trump followers taking over the US Capitol, Graham publicly broke away from Trump. "From my point of view, he's been a consequential president," he said. "But today, first thing you'll see. All I can say is, count me out. Enough is enough. I've tried to be helpful."

In another video from the airport that was shared by conservative activist, actress and political commentator Mindy Robinson, Graham is seen walking with police around him. In the clip, a woman called Graham a “traitor to the country” and claimed that the senator knows the presidential election “was rigged". The woman said that Graham will be attacked “like this forever wherever you go for the rest of your life" and demanded “audit our vote” multiple times. At the end of the video, the woman screamed various expletives at Graham.

"Lindsey Graham just made the mistake walking by me and a mass of angry patriots at the airport in DC. All America wants is for you to AUDIT OUR VOTE and purge this election of this massive corruption... and you won’t do it. We’re not letting this ‘slide’ so expect more of this," Robinson tweeted. 


As the date for the transfer of power to President-elect Joe Biden gets closer, Trump and his supporters are becoming increasingly restless and volatile. Graham is not the only member of the GOP who has faced backlash from Trump supporters. On January 5, Republican Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) was also verbally abused by MAGA fans on an aeroplane from Salt Lake City to Washington, DC. Trump supported shouted "traitor" at him nearly 20 times after Romney affirmed Biden's win. "You’re a joke, an absolute joke, it's a disgusting shame," an unidentified woman told Romney.