'My name is go f**k yourself': Man's rude reply to CNN journo at Trump rally goes viral

The CNN reporter had asked the unidentified man, 'What's your name?' The fan replied, 'my name is Go F**k Yourself'

                            'My name is go f**k yourself': Man's rude reply to CNN journo at Trump rally goes viral
MAGA fan's curt reply to CNN reporter has gone viral (Twitter/ @donie)

The video of a MAGA fan at former President Donald Trump's Ohio rally over the weekend giving a curt, expletives-ridden reply to a CNN reporter has gone viral on Twitter. 

The ex-POTUS returned to the campaign trail and the first event was on Saturday, June 26, evening in the town of Wellington, Ohio. The multi-state tour will reportedly feature a trip to the US-Mexico border as well as a trip to Florida, which is Trump's current residence. During the rally, in his signature style, Trump attacked Anthony Gonzalez, one of the 10 House Republicans who voted for his second impeachment and voiced support for Gonzalez' primary challenger, former White House aide Max Miller.


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A number of MAGA fans gathered at Trump's rally, proving that he had managed to retain a major chunk of his popularity, even months after leaving the White House after losing the 2020 election. One such fan, wearing Trump's red 'Make America Great Again' was approached by CNN correspondent Donie O' Sullivan. When the reporter asked the unidentified man, "What's your name?" the fan replied, "My name is Go F**k Yourself." He followed this by taking a drag of the cigarette he was holding in one of his hands. Trump, during his time in the office, repeatedly branded CNN 'Fake News'. 


O'Sullivan posted the video of the interaction on Twitter with the caption, "It’s the friends we meet along the way…" The video immediately went viral with a ton of comments pouring in. Most of the people on social media slammed the MAGA supporter for his rude reply by making fun of him. Others praised O'Sullivan for holding his own even when he was insulted by the fan.

"We had a F**kyerselves family used to live down the street from us. Must have been cousins," one of the users said, while another noted, "His wife left him a few months ago. Said the internet had radicalized him. The people he works with find him obnoxious. Roll their eyes when he comes in to work. On brief moments of clarity, he weeps because he's so alone. But then, it's back to the internet. He can't stop." A third noted, "I absolutely LOVE how it didn’t rattle u in the slightest. Didn’t break your stride. You’re up there Katie Taylor and Packie Bonner. Amhrán na bhFiann. COYBIG!!!"

One more remarked, "The 'right' STRAIGHT away has me dying." The next quipped, "Donie: 'Right so and would you be anything now to the Michigan Go**kYourselves?'" another commented, "Yes it is rude and socially unacceptable to swear at someone who is being polite to you. Have some manners." A commenter tweeted, "Bless his heart. I get solace in knowing that smoking is associated with more severe illness and an increased risk of death in people who need hospital treatment for Covid-19." A person reacted with, "And is there a Mrs Gof**kyourself?" One more chimed in, saying, "Irish wit vs American half wit." Another said, "Almost certainly a student of the ancient classics, since I recall that Odysseus made a somewhat analogous response when asked by the Cyclops to identify himself in Homer's great epic."