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'MAFS' Season 16: Fans feel Airris being on dating apps while engaged is 'a stadium full of red flags'

Fans have turned to Twitter to criticize the show's creators for casting Airris Williams, a software engineer, 39, whom they describe as a 'stadium full of red flags'
'MAFS' Season 16 star Airris Williams was recently slammed by viewers (Lifetime)
'MAFS' Season 16 star Airris Williams was recently slammed by viewers (Lifetime)

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE: Season 16 of Lifetime's 'Married at First Sight' has arrived, and viewers have already discovered an issue with one of the new participants. Fans of the show have turned to Twitter to criticize the show's creators for casting Airris Williams, 39, a software engineer whom they describe as "a stadium full of red flags."

The show's 16th set of singles embarks on the grand social experiment of marrying a stranger at first sight, kicking off the new year with a whole new season. Viewers are introduced to the season's five couples, Gina and Clint, Jasmine and Airris, Nicole and Chris, Domynique and Mackinley, and Kirsten and Shaquille. Fans get a clearer idea of whom these couples might be once they join together at the experts' request. However, some viewers appear to be upset with some of the castings, believing that they are not ready to settle down.


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Airris Williams in 'MAFS' Season 16 episode 1 (Lifetime)
Airris Williams in 'MAFS' Season 16 episode 1 (Lifetime)

Airris, whose cousin does not feel he is ready for the type of commitment the show requires, faces the biggest resistance after delivering their planned marriage announcement. Despite growing up without a solid father figure after losing his own father when he was young, Airris recognizes he has shortcomings, but his desire to find his person overrides his anxieties.

Meanwhile, he's been paired with Jasmine, a literal pageant queen who works as a cheering coach. They're happy to hear her news, but Jasmine's desire to find a devoted spouse might be a problem if Airris's cousin doesn't think he's capable.

Airris' cousin doubts if he is prepared to make a permanent commitment. "To go from playing the field out here to getting married in two weeks - this just seems really extreme to me," Airris's cousin said before pleading with her cousin not to marry. "Airris should walk away now."

The men and women meet individually to discuss their big day ahead, getting a taste of what the experiment would be like. Airris admits to having sex just two weeks before this meeting. Could these disclosures have an effect on their marriages in the future? It remains to be seen.

Airris Williams in 'MAFS' Season 16 episode 1 (Lifetime)
Airris Williams in 'MAFS' Season 16 episode 1 (Lifetime)

Before Airris' bride-to-be gets to meet him, viewers got a little sneak peek into his life and persona, and it is safe to say they are really not a 'fan' of it. One 'MAFS' viewer tweeted, "Nah Airris 39 and said THE ONE TIME I was emotionally available, I got hurt bruh too old to have been in love once lol." Slamming the experts for casting him, another person wrote, "Airris is the low vibrational plate that all black women need to taste once and send back immediately, child. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200, these experts got sisters going out sad every damn season!"

Hearing Airris' admission, another viewer tweeted in disbelief, "Jasmine last had sex six months before the wedding. Airris was two weeks before Chileee." Hoping that they see a change in Airris after marriage, a viewer wrote, "So far Airris is a stadium full of red flags. I don't like this guy at all but I hope that changes."





At the night of their joint-bachelor party, Airris also admitted to his castmates that he still has dating apps on his phone even though they are on 'snooze'. Fans reacted badly at his remarks as one wrote, "Airris apps are still on his phone. Are any of us surprised… No."

After listening to what his cousin had to say, another viewer added, "I think we should take Airris’ family’s reaction serious." Another person had an interesting take on Airris as they ask, "Why is all Airris questions sexual?" One person is not giving up hope as they wrote, "Me praying that Airris is going to shock me and be the Woody of this season."





'Married at First Sight' Season 16 airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c only on Lifetime.

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