'MAFS' Season 15: Who is Miguel? Associate medical director calls himself a 'serial monogamist'

'MAFS' Season 15: Who is Miguel? Associate medical director calls himself a 'serial monogamist'
Miguel on 'Married At First Sight' (Lifetime)

With Season 15 of 'Married At First Sight' finally here, it looks like 5 new couples are ready to embark on a journey of love. And while it sounds all sweet and romantic in theory, the past seasons have proved that the show tends to go south real quick.

Season 14 seemed way off when it came to the matchmaking process. Although all the couples, save for Alyssa and Chris said yes on decision day, only for nearly all of them to get divorced later. While it seems like the odds are forever against the couples on the show, Season 15 is here, hoping to renew everyone's faith in love!


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Who is Miguel?

Miguel is a 35-year-old associate medical director. As reported by PEOPLE, he is originally from Manhattan, New York. His parents got divorced when he was ten years old, leading him to relocate to Puerto Rico. Now in San Diego, Miguel sees himself as a serial monogamist and is very 'traditional'. A 'self-proclaimed dork', Miguel hopes that his partner also turns out to be his best friend.


What does Miguel hope to gain out of the show?

Miguel's 'MAFS' bio reads, "As a scientist, Miguel feels as though Married At First Sight is the perfect juxtaposition of chance and methodological romantic pairing, and wishes to dissect whether love is solely dictated by fate and happenstance or if it can be manufactured and concocted in a lab-like setting." This season, the experts have paired him with Lindy, a 29-year-old doctor of physical therapy, who is "over the dating process and would like to find someone who is ready for a committed relationship so they can start their next chapter together." Right off the bat, Lindy and Miguel work in the same field, which hopefully proves to be some common ground when it comes to bonding.


Is Miguel on Instagram?

It looks like Miguel doesn't have much of a social media presence. However, as with each season of 'MAFS', the cast members are required to have private profiles until the end of the season.

'Married At First Sight' Season 15 is set to premiere on Wednesday, July 6 at 8 pm ET on Lifetime.

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