'MAFS' Season 15: Justin says 'I love you' to Alexis, fans say he's the 'cry baby this season'

'MAFS' Season 15: Justin says 'I love you' to Alexis, fans say he's the 'cry baby this season'
Justin on 'Married At First Sight' (Lifetime)

The cast of 'Married At First Sight' tend to take two approaches when it comes to their marriage -- either they are standoffish and unwilling to look at the larger picture or they jump in head first and all in. It looks like this season, Justin has made it clear that staying a married man is his ultimate goal.

It is no secret that Justin is absolutely smitten with Alexis, seeing that he has mentioned time and again that she is perfect for him. And while Alexis has been matching his energy so far, he might be moving quicker than she is.

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Alexis opened up about how it was hard for her to express her feelings and while she appreciated that Justin was open with his, it helped her face her own emotions as opposed to shutting down and running away from it. The couple is clearly in their lovey-dovey phase, as Justin continued to fawn over his wife and even went as far as to profess his love for her, telling her that he was in love with her. When he asked her how that made her feel, Alexis was candid with the fact that she wanted to run, however, he made it known that she didn't need to say it back and that for him, her actions were enough. Fans, however, called him out for crying and for moving a bit too fast.

"A man who can express how they feel is ideal, but I feel like Justin’s gonna be a crier/cry baby this season and its gonna get on Alexis’s and ALL of our nerves! #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS #marriedatfirstsightsandiego" said a fan. "Justin you are not in love…so don’t start crying because she’s not in love too after 3 days 🥴🙄 #MAFS" said another. "Hell the experts could have paired Justin up with Rosie the robot and he would have fell in love with it. Justin just wants to be loved and it doesn't matter by who or what. #MAFS #MAFSSandiego #MarriedAtFirstSight" wrote a fan. "#752346881 reason I'm single, bc if Justin would have said he loved me then started crying at the table, tht would have been a HELL NAW 4 me. sorry, love at 1st site COULD be a thing. But it's giving, I'll kill you and myself bc I can't live without you vibes #MAFS #MAFSsandiego" tweeted a fan. "Alexis feels uncomfortable and giggly because she’s not feeling what Justin is feeling toward her. Because Justin declared his love means nothing. Alexis will have the same non attraction toward him for 8 weeks #MAFS" added a fan. "Justin has a lot of insecurities that he thinks marriage will fix. He can't imagine this nor working because he does not want to be single one more day #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight I think he would marry anybody at this point!" said another. 








For now, Alexis, however, has been open to her husband's emotions, seeing that she revealed to the rest of the cast that he was been helping her open up emotionally. What do you think? Will Alexis and Justin's relationship thrive? Or will they crash and burn? Sound off in the comments below. 

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