'MAFS' Season 15: Who is Binh Trinh? Meet the engineer and trainer who wants a marriage like his parents

'MAFS' Season 15: Who is Binh Trinh? Meet the engineer and trainer who wants a marriage like his parents
Binh Trinh (binhinspiringfitness.issacertifiedtrainer.com)

For the couples who decide to be a part of 'Married At First Sight', they are certainly putting a lot on the line. After all, it is not easy to be vulnerable while the world is watching, let alone trying to find love while you're at it!

Season 14 certainly saw a few hits and a whole lot of misses, with nearly all the couples saying 'yes'' on decision day, only to get divorced later on. And while it may seem like 'MAFS' hasn't had much of a success streak in the past few seasons, Season 15 is all set and hoping for the best!

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Who is Binh Trinh?

Binh is a 29-year-old engineer and an ISSA-certified fitness professional, online coach and personal trainer specializing in strength and conditioning. As per his bio on his website, Binh is passionate about all things nutrition and health and with regard to his engineering career, he has worked in the research and development space. 

In a conversation with Shoutout Social, he opened up about what prompted him to start his business. "I’m a full-time engineer who’s running an online coaching business as well. People label me as an engineer, but that’s not who I am," he explained. "I am individual who wants to make a difference and help others and my nutrition and health business allows me this opportunity. The challenges for me are time and juggling so many things at once, but it’s a challenge I look forward to. I learned a lot of lessons in this process. The main one is that life is too short not to be happy and what makes me the happiest isn’t money or a title, but being present in the moment doing things I enjoy and helping others," he added. In the same interview, Binh explained that his parents also prioritised his and his brother's education, above all else, seeing that they were immigrants who fled to the USA during the Vietnam War. His parents worked hard to ensure that their sons were well educated. 

"My brother was valedictorian in high school and UCSD and is currently studying to become an Emergency Room Medical Doctor. I am currently working as an Electrical Engineer and am projected to graduate Summa Cum Laude with my Masters. The quality education resulted in having a stable job with a high salary and great benefits, which is what my parents wanted for me, but ultimately I crave more," he explained. This ultimately led him to pursue fitness as a career as well.



What does Binh hope to gain out of the show?

As per his 'MAFS' bio, Binh "believes it is time to settle down and start a family. He has full faith in the Married At First Sight process because his own parents fell in love at first sight and he has always wanted a love like theirs." This season, the experts have paired him with Morgan, a 27-year-old registered nurse, who is "open to the possibility of the experts finding her a man with whom she could easily spend the rest of life."



Is Binh on Instagram?

Yes, and you can follow him @BinhInspiring. However, as with each season of 'MAFS', the cast members are required to have private profiles until the end of the season. His website also mentions that he has his own YouTube channel -- Binh Inspiring Nutrition & Health. 

'Married At First Sight' Season 15 is set to premiere on Wednesday, July 6 at 8pm ET on Lifetime


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