'MAFS' Season 14: Fans call out Jasmina for comforting Michael like a 'wet sock'

'MAFS' Season 14: Fans call out Jasmina for comforting Michael like a 'wet sock'
Jasmina on 'Married At First Sight' (Lifetime)

In any relationship, communication is key. It's what holds the relationship together. However, being able to communicate effectively without being selfish about your own emotions is not always easy. And for the couples of 'Married At First Sight', establishing healthy communication is not always easy.

For Michael and Jasmina, this has certainly been a major problem. As a result, the two have struggled to establish a healthy line of communication. And even though they keep trying, it tends to go downhill.

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After the couple fought during their picnic date, Michael opened up to Jasmina about the loss he has suffered in his life. Seeing that it was his brother's death anniversary, he told her about how he played a significant role in his life, leading up to the day he was shot. Michael got emotional while talking about this, explaining that his attitude and communication all stems from having dealt with so much trauma at a young age.

However, fans were proud of him for opening hard the way he did. "I'm legit tearing up hearing Michael speak about this! Thank you Michael for opening up to us. You didn't have and I appreciate you being brave enough to do this on camera bc I would have said cut the camera quickly #MAFS #Marriedatfirstsight" tweeted a fan. "#MAFS Micheal just had me tearing up, I truly hurt for him. I hope he learns to cope with his grief rather than boxing it up but I understand it's hard. Happy to see jasmine finally show some tenderness." said a fan. "I'm so proud of Micheal for being so vulnerable. I think he still needs therapy to deal and heal from the trauma of losing so many close family members so young! #MarriedAtFirstSightBoston #MAFS" added another. 







While Michael got vulnerable and spoke about his trauma, Jasmina mentioned that she was glad he opened up to her. However, fans noted that Jasmina did little to comfort him and called her out on it. "I felt Michael on his grief, good lord that was heavy. How you gon' open the wound & still be just blah? A hug would've been nice damn, Jasmina. #MAFS" tweeted a fan. "Not really sure why Jasmina needed Michael to relive his trauma. Hope she starts to treat him better now. #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS" added another. "That was only a fraction of Mikes trauma and Jasmina was about as comforting as a wet sock smh #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight #MarriedAtFirstSightBoston" noted a fan.







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