Madonna says 'it's good to drink urine' while holding a cup of yellow liquid after taking a dip in ice-cold water following Madame X show

The mother-of-six posted a video where she is seen in a bathroom. She proceeds to lower herself into a bathtub filled with ice cubes as a form of treatment for bruises she suffered during the show

                            Madonna says 'it's good to drink urine' while holding a cup of yellow liquid after taking a dip in ice-cold water following Madame X show
Madonna (Source: Getty Images)

While documenting her Madame X tour, Madonna recently revealed that she was taking ice-cold baths and drinking urine!

In a video posted by the 61-year-old singer and actress on Sunday, November 17, following her Las Vegas performance, the mother-of-six was seen in a bathroom sparring with performer Ahlamalik Williams as music played in the backdrop.

She was dressed in a Nike Sports top and hotpants with rubber socks. She then balanced herself over a bathtub filled with ice cubes, with only her feet dipped into the freezing container.

Madonna then proceeded to lift up her top from the side to reveal that she had sustained bruises all over the upper portion of her thighs. Gradually she was seen lowering herself into the freezing cold water, submerging herself till her waist, as she clasped her hands up to her face and pinched her nose.

To distract herself from the agony of the ice, she continued to punch Ahlamalik's hands. She also swore under her breath and proceeded to do a series of arm exercises as she battled the cold. 

"ICE TRAY-NEW DRIP-3 am Ice bath therapy for Madame ❌ !! Shall we start an ICE bath challenge?? 41 degrees Best treatment for injuries!! #icebath #madamex" she captioned the post. 

Madonna performs live on stage after the 64th annual Eurovision Song Contest held at Tel Aviv Fairgrounds on May 18, 2019, in Tel Aviv, Israel. (Getty Images)

After staying underwater for more than a minute, the 'Like A Prayer' songstress removed her rubber socks to reveal that her skin had turned red. 

"That’s so you know how cold it is," she quipped, while Ahlamalik said, "Much much respect."

 Following her treatment, Madonna was seen holding a white cup filled with a yellowish liquid. "It's really good to drink urine after you've got out of the frozen bath," she said jokingly.

The singer has admitted to urinating on her own feet to prevent herself from suffering Athlete's foot in the past. 

That's not all. Madonna once wanted to bring a cryogenic chamber aboard her private jet but had to drop the plan after a pilot told her it would be dangerous. The device would have pumped nitrogen vapor over the body at 200 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.

"She put it on the jet and wanted to use it during the flight, but the captain said if she did that they’d never be able to take off. It would suck all the plane's power!" Radar Online had reported at the time.

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