Madonna reminds fans about Trump's 'intolerance for people not like him' 4 years after Pulse nightclub shooting

Madonna took to her social media to showcase how things are still the same four years after the Pulse nightclub shooting took place with a clip from her video 'God Control'

                            Madonna reminds fans about Trump's 'intolerance for people not like him' 4 years after Pulse nightclub shooting
Madonna and Trump (Getty Images)

Madonna has been vocal about how it is time for President Donald Trump to step out of the White House as his views do not bring any good to the country. The singer has yet again taken a jab at him by sharing a video she made about the Pulse nightclub shooting and added that nothing has changed even after four years. 

The Pulse nightclub shooting took place in 2016 where the nightclub security killed 49 people and wounded 53 others inside the gay bar in Orlando, Florida. Omar Mateen was identified as the perpetrator. He was shot and killed by the police at the scene. Following the incident, Madonna had released a video called 'God Control' that depicted what had happened on the night of the shooting. 

The singer had received a lot of backlash for the same. However, she defended her video and stood her ground. Four years after the shooting took place and one year after the video came out, Madonna is drawing attention to how things have not changed at all. Sharing a snippet from her video she wrote, "This video was made over a year ago."

Madonna pointed out how despite all these years, things have not changed and if anything, they are headed for the worse. "It seems relevant to present it again on the 4th anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting AND its Pride Month and Trump continues to display his intolerance for people that are not like him (straight white males)," she wrote. 

She further wrote, "By revoking healthcare for trans people And finally we need to Abolish guns entirely in this country. A large percentage of deaths from gun violence in America is committed against people of color." Fans were quick to praise her for stepping forward and speaking her mind. This is not the first time Madonna has broken her silence when it comes to politics.

Previously, Madonna has shared a video that depicted Trump during his election rally where he was asking everyone to cheer "USA". This was followed by a video of "then" and "now". The "now" portion of the video showed a black woman being pushed out by some white people. Meanwhile, the "then" showed a similar scene and hinted that nothing had changed. "This video is an excerpt from the documentary '13th', she wrote. "Directed by Ava DuVernay! Do we need any more proof that we need to get this White Supremacist out of the White House?"

She continued, "Do we need any more reasons to get out there and VOTE to ensure that he is not re-elected?? Make sure you watch this film!!" Ever since the death of George Floyd, many celebrities have come forward calling for Trump to not be elected again. There is no doubt that Madonna has been actively doing the same and her fans have been supporting her.

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