'Life has beaten me up!': Madonna shows off painful bruising in wild snaps

Showing off her enormous thigh bruise, Madonna also modeled raunchy lingerie from the Versace Homewear collection in a series of racy photos

                            'Life has beaten me up!': Madonna shows off painful bruising in wild snaps
Madonna shows off her Versace wear and more in latest Instagram photos (Madonna/Instagram)

In a series of raunchy photos, the 63-year old legend, Madonna owned a painful-looking bruise and showed it off to fans while modeling for Versace. She revealed the bruise as she flashed her legs in multiple racy poses. Though the 'Swept Away' star did not share much about how she got this bruise, she indicated via her caption that life had "beaten me up"

She captioned the post by saying, "Life has beaten me up! Do you think I give a Fuck. Only the Devil Cares….,,,,,,,,,,, HOMEWEAR………….. @versace" While the first slide is a simple hands-by-the-side pose, the images only get racier as you swipe left. In the second slide, Madonna has her left leg on the arm of the couch as she confidently looks into the camera. 


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In the background, a framed black and white potrait with a lit candle and some flowers are placed. Madonna has her hair tied in two braids, and she is dressed in Versace with knee-high stockings, and some gawdy heels. She accessorized this look with rectangular-shaped glasses. Additionally, the stack of necklaces she had grabbed the attention of many. In the third slide that shows a close up of the bruise, Madonna's stockings are seen to be ripped. The bruise looks quite alarming. 


The next image is Madonna seated on one of the gray colored couches and pointing fingers at the camera. The jaw-drop worthy images don't stop there. In the fourth slide, she is seen flashing her legs and digging into the rip of her stocking. The next image is quite casual where Madonna is on the ground posing with the classic 'headache pose'. Giving a sneak peek of her raunchy lingerie, Madonna shared a close up of her cleavage where her necklaces are highlighted. Next she is in bed and has her legs in a 90 degree position followed by the last of the series where Madonna is sitting with her back facing the camera, on a toilet. 





Fans and followers conveyed their love on the comment section. One said, "Just want to tell you how much I love you since I was a kid and how much you've inspired me through the years :'3 I even have a Rebel Heart tattoo ❤️ I love you so much Madonnita". Another added, "We are all beaten by life but the important thing is to get up and you know how to do this very well!😍"

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