Madonna honors her brother Anthony Ciccone after his death at 66 with stunning throwback photo

Madonna honors her brother Anthony Ciccone after his death at 66 with stunning throwback photo
Madonna's brother Anthony Ciccone (R) died at the age of 66 (@madonna/Twitter, Traverse County Sheriffs Office)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Madonna took to Instagram on February 27th to react to her brother Anthony Ciccone's death at 66. The singer paid tribute to him by thanking him for introducing her to influential figures such as Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, and Buddhist philosophy, among others. In her post, Madonna acknowledged the profound impact her brother had on her life. "You planted many important seeds," she added with a red heart emoji. Alongside her touching words, she shared a black-and-white photo of the two siblings on her Instagram story, honoring his memory in a heartfelt tribute.


Anthony was one of Madonna's seven siblings. He struggled with issues that affected relationships with his entire family, including the popstar. Despite their estrangement, the insider revealed that Madonna and other family members visited him at his rehab facility when his health deteriorated in recent months, reports People.


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Madonna reacts to her brother Anthony Ciccone‘s death on Instagram story.
Madonna credited her late older brother Anthony Ciccone with introducing her to jazz musicians and more (@madonna/Instagram)


'Farewell, then, brother Anthony'

Joe Henry, the musician and brother-in-law of Madonna, announced the death of Anthony Gerard Ciccone via Instagram on Feb. 25. Henry shared a photo of his late brother-in-law along with a heartfelt tribute. Looking back on their decades-long relationship, which began in their youth in Michigan, Henry paid tribute to the complexity of Anthony's character, noting that they had their fair share of brotherly disagreements.

The cause of Anthony's death was not disclosed. The 66-year-old struggled with alcoholism for a long time and was homeless for several years, even living under a bridge in Michigan.



The estranged relations of Madonna and Anthony Ciccone

Anthony Ciccone was the oldest of Madonna's five siblings. While Madonna pursued a successful career in New York after moving there in 1978, her brother stayed in Michigan and worked for their father, who struggled with alcoholism and homelessness.


During his lifetime, Ciccone expressed discomfort at being known only as the pop icon's sibling. His sister's assistant once called him to give him a birthday present, which he found disconcerting.

In a 2011 Daily Mail interview, Anthony revealed that he had been homeless and living under a bridge in Michigan. Despite his situation, he refused any offers of financial assistance from Madonna, stating that he didn't want any handouts or publicity. "Madonna doesn’t give a s**t if I’m dead or alive. She lives in her own world. I never loved her in the first place, she never loved me. We never loved each other," said Anthony, as reported by Daily Mail.


Madonna was aware of his struggles and repeatedly offered to help by paying for his rehab. Anthony eventually received treatment in 2017, which led to an improvement in his circumstances and a renewed connection with his family.

Rehearsals for The Celebration Tour

Less than an hour later, Madonna posted behind-the-scenes footage from her upcoming 40th anniversary The Celebration Tour rehearsals, which she had announced in January. In her caption, she expressed gratitude for her creative life, which continues to inspire and motivate her. She wrote, "Thank God I have my creative life to inspire me and keep me going......♥️ #grateful". The video features Madonna working with her dancers on stage before bidding them farewell with a simple, "I'll see you later." 



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 Madonna honors her older brother Anthony Ciccone after his death at 66 with stunning throwback photo