Madeleine McCann is "living well" with a German and will one day accidentally meet her parents, says psychic Fia Johansson

Fia Johansson, who has worked with numerous law enforcement agencies, private investigators and the DA in solving cold cases for close to two decades said that she was being taken care of by whoever took her.

                            Madeleine McCann is "living well" with a German and will one day accidentally meet her parents, says psychic Fia Johansson
Madeleine McCann (Getty Images)

Madeleine McCann, who disappeared at the age of 3, on the evening of May 3, 2007 from her bed at a resort in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve region of Portugal is alive and well, a psychic has claimed. Fia Johansson known as the Persian Medium told MEA World Wide in an exclusive interview that McCann, whose whereabouts are unknown to this day "was never dead" and that she will find her family in the future. 

Johansson, who has worked with numerous law enforcement agencies and private investigators in solving cold cases for close to two decades now said that Madeleine was being taken care of by whoever took her. "I know she isn't dead because when people are dead they communicate with me, but she didn't," she said explaining. McCann is also unaware of the hunt for her, says Johansson. "She doesn't know about her parents. She doesn't remember anything. She's actually living well," she said. 

Kate and Gerry McCann hold an age-progressed police image of their daughter during a news conference to mark the 5th anniversary of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, on May 2, 2012 in London, England. The McCann's today stated that there is "no doubt" that authorities will re-open the investigation into their daughter's disappearance. Three-year-old Madeleine went missing while on holiday with her parents in the Algarve region of Portugal in May 2007. (Getty Images)


She also said that McCann now has a German father. "I figured out a couple of things about her, [sic] like a German father and the family who found her afterward. So there's a lot of details," she said adding that she has given the information to the appropriate authorities in hopes that it will help the family achieve some relief. She also predicted that McCann would meet her parents in the near future. "Between 2023-2024, she's going to accidentally find her family, but she won't know that they're her family but they're going to accidentally find each other again," she said. 

Since it is an ongoing investigation, she said she is unable to reveal any more details. 

However, parents Kate and Jerry McCann recently said in a statement on their Facebook page that they do not believe in "psychics and mediums" and have "complete faith in Scotland Yard". Apart from being a psychic medium, she is also a  clinical hypnotherapist and holistic healer. Johansson is best known for her work with helping the family of a pilot who went missing at the Catalina Coast in May last year. 

McCann's disappearance was one of the most talked-about missing person cases in history. McCann, who was 3 when she went missing from the ground floor apartment at the resort when her parents and their friends had been out dining at a restaurant nearby. She was with her twin siblings aged 2 who were also left asleep along with her at the apartment.    

In the initial stages of the investigation, it was believed by the Portuguese police that the child had died accidentally and the parents had tried to cover up the incident. Due to a lack of evidence the case was archived in 2008. It was re-opened by Scotland Yard in 2011 and at the time they believed that it was possibly a robbery gone wrong or an abduction. Called Operation Grange, their theory was based on the fact that there had been two robberies in the same area where the family was staying 17 days ago. Other theories were that she had wandered off by herself looking for her parents. 

In 2017, it was reported that the police were pursuing a lead but they maintained that they didn't know whether she was alive. 

There have been multiple reports of sightings of the child to law enforcement, the last known possible sighting in Queenstown, New Zealand on 31 December 2012. According to the tip, a girl matching the description of Madeleine McCann had entered a retail store with a dark-haired man and contacted the cops through the 24-hour Find Madeleine hotline. It was verified by the police and they were certain it was not Madeleine.  

In March 2019, Netflix released an eight-part documentary series, 'The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann' that received major backlash from the girl's parents. The couple, who did not participate in the series said that they did not see how it would help find her and if anything could possibly hinder the investigation. The series also floated a theory that she could have been taken by human traffickers. 

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