Mad Men's Christina Hendricks wants to try her hand at directing

The Mad Men and Good Girls actress revealed that she's been wanting to produce and direct for a while now

                            Mad Men's Christina Hendricks wants to try her hand at directing
Christina Hendricks (Source: Getty Images)

After taking over acting on both the small and the big screen, actress Christina Hendricks now wants to try her hand at going behind the camera. In a recent interview with Deadline, the actress revealed her plans.

"I’ve thought about producing for a while and I’d love to do that. This year was the first year that I thought I might like to direct," said the actress who is best known for her portrayal of Joan Halloway in the iconic show 'Mad Men' from AMC. 

She recently played the character of Beth in NBC's comedy 'Good Girls'. Beth is a housewife who lives in the suburbs, and one day she and her gang of two buds find themselves in trouble with gangsters. 

This role is a complete 360 degrees turn from her role in 'Mad Men'. Christina revealed that she wanted to do something different. "I generally work in drama, and I liked the idea that this was an edgy, funny show on a network that understood that things were changing, and the old formula’s not working anymore. NBC wanted to do something different," she said. 

This was also the first time that she found herself so physically involved with a show.

"I was on set all day, every day, which was the first time in my whole career that I've done that for such a long period of time. I got a much closer relationship with the crew than I've ever had, and even greater understanding of the mechanics of how everything was working. I got pretty excited about problem solving and storytelling, and I may pursue shadowing some directors this year and see if it’s for me."

The show, that has been renewed for a second season, also stars Retta, Mae Whitman, Reno Wilson, Manny Montana and Lidya Jewett. It is created by Jenna Bans.