'The Voice': MaKenzie Thomas on how being on Top 8 is 'super ego-building, but super humbling' at the same time

In an exclusive interview with Meaww, Thomas revealed how excited she is to be on the show and how being mentored by Jennifer Hudson, Mariah Carey and Halsey has helped her improve

                            'The Voice': MaKenzie Thomas on how being on Top 8 is 'super ego-building, but super humbling' at the same time

'The Voice' is nearing its grand finale with the Top 8 contestants all gearing up for the semifinals next week. So far, they have given their all in every performance and it surely is going to be better next week. Among the front-runners from the Top 8 contestants this week, there was one contestant who stood out. MaKenzie Thomas with her bold voice owned every performance to date and has marked her spot in the show. 

In an exclusive interview with Meaww, Thomas from Team Hudson revealed to us how excited she is, to be on the show and how being mentored by Jennifer Hudson, Mariah Carey and Halsey has helped her improve her singing.

Starting off Thomas revealed how awesome it feels to be one among the Top 8 contestants. "It feels awesome. It's insane. It's a really crazy thing. I've not really ever imagined myself being in this position. So, it's super ego-building, but super humbling at the same time," the 20-year-old contestant revealed.


Season 15 of 'The Voice' is not the first time Thomas appeared on the show, she previously auditioned for season 14 of 'The Voice', struggled to get a chair turn and was eliminated. But she came back this season with a bang and even more prepared. After she was eliminated from the 'Blind Auditions' last season, Thomas took the advice of the judges very seriously and improved her vocals.

When asked what made her decide to come back this season she said: "Well, I mean persistence was key. Honestly you know, I wasn't a 100% sure if I wanted to go back. Because that fear of not getting a chair-turn again kept me away. But I kept working hard and it paid off. And it also is kind of my message to people to keep trying things again, even after they don't do it right the first time. If you know you want something then go for it and don't give up."

Thomas kept herself occupied by performing in a gospel band called Elevated Praise. Talking about how performing with the band helped her prepare for season 15 she said: "There were two main things performing with Elevated Praise the gospel ensemble. They helped me with emoting and tapping into the emotions I was feeling and try and make sure that those translate to what the audience sees. And the other thing that helped me musically is I learned a lot about sound, how to modify sound and how to make things sound the way you want to. I learned a lot musically and emotionally."

The Wallingford, Kentucky, resident then revealed about the most prominent advice she received from Hudson during her performances. "Well, she has given me lots of advice. It is hard to keep track of all the different things she says to me. But some of the things that stood for me during these past few rounds are to not to be afraid to show my gospel side," she said.

"Because I want to be a gospel singer. But I have decided when on the show, not to necessarily do typical gospel songs and to just try and incorporate that vibe and style into my performances. She has really held true to that for the rounds and really encouraged me to put as much of that influence in there as I can," she added.

Apart from being mentored by Hudson every week, during the Battle Round and the Knockouts, Thomas was also mentored by Halsey and Carey. Talking about what they taught her during those weeks, she revealed, "What I learned the most from them during those weeks was probably just not be afraid to you incorporate as much of myself into each performance as I can. This is also something that I've learned from Jennifer."

When asked who among the eliminated contestants deserved a second chance, she was torn between choosing just one. "Oh gosh, that's so hard. There are so many people that have been eliminated that deserve a second chance," she started.

Following that she added that, in her opinion, "This is the most talented season of 'The Voice'. Anybody that was on this season could have won. If I had to choose somebody to come back honestly, it was.., it would be so hard. Because it would be a tie between like, you know Funsho and Patrique Fortson and SandyRedd and Zakai and Colton Smith and Natasha Greycloud and Frank West like it were up to me I would bring so many people back if I could. Because they're all amazing in their own unique way," she added.

Though everyone is on different teams, when it comes to backstage fun, they are all in it together. Talking about all their behind the scene moments, Thomas said, "Yeah, we're always singing and all of the contestants were always together singing and you know having Jam sessions. So that's always something that's really fun. And I mean we try to do outings together as possible, but you know our schedule keeps us super busy. So, what you see, honestly, is pretty much what you get. There's not a whole of time for craziness."