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Lynne Mishele: Woman whose house was destroyed in fatal Anne Heche crash offers condolences

The actress died a week after she was critically injured in a car crash in which she rammed her speeding car into Mishele's home, causing a fire
UPDATED AUG 14, 2022
Lynne Mishele has expressed her sorrow and passed a message to late actress Anne Heche's family and friends (creativeorganization/Instagram, Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)
Lynne Mishele has expressed her sorrow and passed a message to late actress Anne Heche's family and friends (creativeorganization/Instagram, Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

MAR VISTA, LOS ANGELES: Actor Anne Heche died a week after she was critically injured in a car crash, which took place while she was "high on cocaine". The drug was reportedly found in Heche's bloodstream after the crash, but she had not been drinking alcohol. She had been pictured with a bottle of vodka in her cup holder. Heche was pronounced brain dead days after the crash in which her car burst into flames.

A rep for heche's family told TMZ after her death, "We have lost a bright light, a kind and most joyful soul, a loving mother, and a loyal friend. Anne will be deeply missed but she lives on through her beautiful sons, her iconic body of work, and her passionate advocacy. Her bravery for always standing in her truth, spreading her message of love and acceptance, will continue to have a lasting impact."


Lynne Mishele: Woman whose house Anne Heche fatally crashed into raises over 100k on GoFundMe page

Anne Heche's FINAL MOMENTS revealed: Wigs, vodka and a fatal drive

Before Heche's death, the crash was being treated by the LAPD as a potential felony considering the woman whose house the car crashed into suffered injuries. The woman, Lynne Mishele, was inside the house at the time. It is unclear how bad Mishele's injuries were. She has now expressed her sorrow and given a message to the late actress' family and friends in an Instagram post. 

"The news of Anne Heche passing is devastating. Her family and her friends and her children especially really have suffered a great loss and my heart goes out for them," Mishele said in a video post on Instagram. "This entire situation is tragic and there really are just no words. I am sending love to everyone involved," she added.


Prior to the crash, Mishele had been helping her dog heal from cancer. A GoFundMe was set up for Mishele, who narrowly escaped physical harm in the crash. The house, however, was completely devastated. The page said. "Lynne lives with her beautiful pups Bree and Rueban, and tortoise Marley in our Mar Vista home that was destroyed this week by a car driving into the home at a high rate of speed, catching the house on fire. Lynne and her family very narrowly escaped physical harm, and for that we are very, very grateful. The home, however, was completely burned - with 59 firefighters taking 65 minutes to extinguish the flames - and immediately red-tagged by the LAFD, necessitating that Lynne leave the place she rents and loves," the page reads.

Lynne Mishele's home was completely damaged in the crash involving actress Anne Heche (GoFundMe)

"Even more distressing is that Lynne lost her entire lifetime of possessions, mementos, all equipment for her business including her laptop and iPad, all of her clothing and basic necessities, and all household items. With firefighters' help, she was able to pull a few damaged sentimental belongings from the wreckage. Everything else is gone," it added. "A kind and generous person, Lynne is always first to offer help to others. Today we are asking the community to come together and help Lynne start over. Please, please join us - 100% of the proceeds from this fundraiser are going directly to Lynne Mishele." At the time of writing this article, $168,688 USD had been raised of the $100,000 goal.