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Mom shattered after she gets remains of baby son in a GROCERY BAG after organs were illegally removed

When the parcel was delivered, Lydia Reid said, 'That is the only parts of my son I have and you want to hand them to me in a carrier bag?'
UPDATED MAR 25, 2023
(Representational image/Getty Images)
(Representational image/Getty Images)

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND: The "horrified" mother of an infant whose organs were removed for tests without permission in 1975 received the remains of the child in a grocery bag. Scottish woman Lydia Reid told the BBC that she was startled and appalled when the National Health Services (NHS) gave her a Sainsbury's grocery sack containing a six-inch box.

Reid is a patient in the hospital with terminal bowel cancer and that six-inch box just made it worse. All that was remained of her son Gary, who died a week after birth, was in that box. “I was so shocked and said ‘How dare you?’” she explained. “That is the only parts of my son I have and you want to hand them to me in a carrier bag?” Reid asked the person who delievered the parcel.


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'The most disgusting thing I've ever seen in my life'

Since the last 50 years, Reid, 74, had been petitioning for Gary to receive an appropriate burial. The thing brought to her was described by the woman as "the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in my life." The remnants of her infant was taken to a funeral home by officials.

Finally, last weekend, Reid spent the day away from the hospital visiting Gary's grave at Edinburgh's Saughton Cemetery, according to Daily News. Reid has led a movement that allegedly forced Scotland's NHS to acknowledge that 6,000 organs and tissues were stored without authorization between 1970 and 2000. She further claimed that when she first requested to see Gary's remains in 1975, a different infant was shown to her.

Gary's remains 'were placed in a dignity wooden casket'

A judge mandated the exhumation of the baby's coffin in 2017. According to reports, a forensic anthropologist found it to be empty. However, a state inquiry found that Gary's remains were inside the coffin when it was buried. Reid is still unsure of what happened to the remaining parts of the tiny corpse.

According to an NHS spokesperson who spoke to the BBC, Gary's remains "were placed in a dignity wooden casket" and transported through the hospital in a grocery bag to minimise notice. The NHS asserted that Reid was not instructed to open the package. “We are sincerely sorry for the additional distress this caused,” the spokesperson said.