Luke Cage season 2: Misty Knight realizes her superhero potentials after getting a bionic arm

Luke Cage season 2: Misty Knight realizes her superhero potentials after getting a bionic arm
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He is celebrated as the hero of Harlem. Following the turn of events in season 1, not only has Mike Colter's Luke Cage earned a reputation for his bulletproof skin but also has made a couple more enemies - some known ones (Mariah Dillard and Shades) and a certain mysterious Bushmaster, the Jamaican gangster. 

All of these, along with the action-packed antics of the Marvel superhero are back in the second season of the Netflix show. And while Luke continues to be the center of all attention, this time around Simone Missick's detective character is also basking in the limelight. In fact, Misty Knight has the best transition story in season 2, with her struggles after losing her right arm at the end of 'The Defenders' molding her personality in a truly heroic manner. 

To add to all this, Misty receives a bionic addition in the form of an arm this season, which for sure would make her a worthy match for her opponents, putting her in the ranks of superheroes. 

[Spoiler alert: If you aren't up-to-date with the current season of Luke Cage, pause, as this article is full of plot details.]

"She is moving into that superhero status," says the actress to TV Guide explaining how the bionic arm is going to turn the game for Misty in the second season of Luke Cage. 

"We're watching as she's literally getting her swagger back over the course of the season and steps into who she is in the comic books. I think that it also means that she's not taking herself out of the fight. When we see her at the beginning of the season, she's stepped away from the police force. She doesn't know who she is anymore or what she's gonna do with the rest of her life. Once she gets that prosthetic, it's like the world has opened up for her again. It's exciting," the Luke Cage actress explained. 

From what Missick has said, one thing is certain - that season 2 of the Netflix-Marvel series is going to solidify her status as a superhero. This in turn, unsurprisingly, would have some impact on the dynamics between Misty and the titular character, who is already struggling with the line that separates heroics from villainy in Luke Cage season 2. 


"Luke believes that he is as unbreakable as his skin and Misty is always there to remind him that he is just a man," Missick teases to TV Guide. "Sometimes that makes it a little difficult [for them to] work side by side. [And] now that she has this arm, she believes that she is just as capable as he is to be physically on the forefront [of the good fight]."

Luke Cage season 2 is streaming on Netflix.     

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 Luke Cage How Misty Knight realizes her superhero potentials in S02 after getting a bionic arm