Luke Bryan is super proud of his sons: "They’re just well-rounded kids"

Country singer Luke Bryan is very proud of his sons and gushed about their good manners and good behavior

                            Luke Bryan is super proud of his sons: "They’re just well-rounded kids"

Singer and songwriter Luke Bryan is visibly very proud of his sons -- 8-year-old Tatum 'Tate' Christopher and 10-year-old Thomas 'Bo' Boyer -- and also his 16-year-old nephew Til. The proud father had nothing but words of praise for his sons. 

While speaking to the press at the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas, 42-year-old Bryan shared when he was asked what makes him the proudest of his children, "How [they’ve carved a] path toward being gentlemen and gentlemanly boys. And they’re just so different. They come home and sit down they do their homework and I’m like, ‘I didn’t do that when I was a kid'". 


"They’re just well-rounded kids — learning farm life and how to live on a farm and do outdoor things but they’ve also come with me and been on set of American Idol and to these big cities and watched me do Dodgers Stadium and [have seen] the whole world and have a nice perception of it," Bryan continued. When it comes to whether his children will follow in his musical footsteps, "not really" came the response. 

"I place it around them when we’re in the car, driving down the road. I try to mess with them. I want them to sing with me. Every now and again, I can really get them to commit to singing," Bryan explained. "Every now and then, I’ll hear one of them in my writing room, just tinkering around on the piano. But if they come to me and go, ‘Daddy, I’m ready for drum lessons,’ then I’ll know how to facilitate all that," he shared. 

Currently, Bryan is happy to hear his children's opinions about his music and said, "They hear the new albums and they tell me which ones they like, which ones they don’t really care for". "When they’re vocal about the ones they love, that’s really special, but they’re into everything. Bo listened to ‘I Like It.’ He listened to Cardi B … they’re all over the map," Bryan went on to add.


About his 16-year-old nephew Til, Bryan said jokingly, "My 16-year-old nephew that lives with me, I’m scared of what he’s listening to". The country music singer took his nephew Til in after his sister's husband Ben Lee Cheshire passed away in the year 2014. As reported by Country Living, Bryan's sister Kelly passed away in the year 2007. Bryan also lost his older brother Chris in a car crash when he was 19-years-old.