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Did Ludacris get his own island? Rapper pokes fun at Columbus as fans say 'Luda Island' is on their bucket list

'Just found a new island, I'm staking my claim. This is mine. I'm gonna name it Ludacris Island,' said the rapper
UPDATED JUL 30, 2020
Ludacris (Getty Images)
Ludacris (Getty Images)

Rapper Ludacris certainly knows his rap game well, but it turns out his geography knowledge is on point too. The singer recently posted a hilarious video on Instagram where he claims to have discovered his own island, which he dubbed "Ludacris Island", much in the same way that the famous explorer Christopher Columbus "discovered" the Americas. It turns out that back then, Columbus actually had chanced upon some Caribbean islands in close proximity to The Bahamas, according to historians, so technically he never set foot in North America. In his new viral video, which already had close to 200,000 views in less than two hours, the hip-hop star, whose real name is Christopher Brian Bridges, was seen wading ashore some pristine waters on a secluded island destination and wanted to have some fun with his latest discovery.

Ludacris performs onstage at Universal Pictures Presents The Road To F9 Concert and Trailer Drop on January 31, 2020, in Miami, Florida (Getty Images)

The rapper decided to repost his previous video when he had first chanced upon the beautiful beach, captioned "Fresh off the yacht" as a popular meme format. The hilarious meme went "Nobody:.. " followed by "Christopher Columbus" allegedly saying "Just found a new island, I'm staking my claim. This is mine." The 'Get Back' rapper then quipped, "I'm gonna name it Ludacris Island," and followed that up with a gaze heavenward as he exclaimed, "Thank you, Jesus." The musician also posted a caption that acknowledged the inanity of the video, saying "#nowthatsludicrous."

The 'Fast and the Furious' film franchise star had previously mentioned his new discovery in another video where he was wakeboarding, saying, "Life has absolutely nothing to do with how I got up on this wakeboard on my new found Island (check my last post) but about how I FELL OFF THIS B**** & got right the fuck BACK up! We WILL MAKE IT THRU ANY & EVERYTHING! CAUSE We BUILT LIKE THAT!" In another post, Ludacris could be seen cuddling with his wife and saying, "Luda Island Looks Good On Us."


Fans were also reacting hysterically to the new meme, with one follower going, "Founders keepers. I would travel to Luda Island too. On my future bucket list." Another fan made a pun on the lyrics of Ludacris's famous song 'Move B***h' by saying, "Move, Beach!" It is understood that Ludacris is currently vacationing at the Turks and Caicos Islands near The Bahamas, which is probably where he got the Christopher Columbus inspiration from. Other tickled fans were posting, "Ludachristopher Columbus," which makes perfect sense for a rapper whose real name is also Christopher. Another admirer observed, "You should have like 30 islands by now with all that money you got and could have started a while new world." Hip-hop mogul Diddy also found his friend's antics quite entertaining, posting a hysterical emoji in the comments section. Radio host Kenny Burns found it hilarious as well, replying with some funny emojis. We're glad Ludacris is enjoying himself and entertaining us in the process!