Lucy Rose drops new remix of her album 'Something Changing'

Packed with club bangers, Lucy Rose's new remix of 'Something Changes' is set to hit nightclubs all over

                            Lucy Rose drops new remix of her album 'Something Changing'
Lucy Rose (Source : Getty Images)

Lucy Rose’s new remix album ‘Something’s Changing (Remixes)’ released via Communion Records on Friday, July 6. The album brings together a collection of reworked songs from Lucy’s ‘Something’s Changing’ album which was released to acclaim in 2017.

True to Lucy’s industrious work ethic, the remixers involved with this album have been carefully handpicked. They’re all either close musical friends of Lucy’s or new musical friends that she’s met over this past year as she’s toured the world.

Each artist was invited to take a track from ‘Something’s Changing’ and rework it in their own unique style. From Fryars to Liz Lawrence, Otzeki to Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly and many more, the project is a celebration of variety and collaboration.

Speaking about his involvement in the project, producer JM∆C has shared: “I’ve always found the journey of songs fascinating and I wanted to be the guy who brings all these initial ideas and turns them into something beautiful. Lots of trial and error… always learning.”

Leading up to today’s release, Lucy has been sharing two new remixes from the album every fortnight. Remixes by Chartreuse, JAWS, Liz Lawrence, Fryars, Anatole and Otzeki have all been garnering love online and with the full album released today, listeners are able to access additional remixes from the likes of Evan Klar, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly., Marcus Hamlet, Intalekt and Tobie Tripp are all available.

Speaking about the project, Lucy said in a press release: “I feel like remixes give the songs a chance to live in these different worlds, the same lyric and melody people can enjoy and but in different sonic arrangements which might be what they connect to more.

"I like a real variety of music and I really love all the remixes on this record and on top of them I get to collaborate with friends which is always nice.”