Lucifer season 5: Will the Devil-Decker relationship prosper before the series finale?

Lucifer season 5: Will the Devil-Decker relationship prosper before the series finale?

Netflix's witty and charming show 'Lucifer,' has kept its viewers on the edge of their seats - thanks to strong narrative and plotline right from its beginning in 2016 to the last season.

The character of Lucifer: The Devil keeps getting more gripping with each criminal case, each sibling fight, each romantic moment, and each fascinating episode. He is charming, witty and very playful, but most of all, he can compel everyone to do his bidding - everyone except Chloe Decker (Lauren German), that is. Tom Ellis, with his charisma and facial features, elevates this character further. 

(L-R) Actors Lauren German and Tom Ellis speak onstage during the "Lucifer" panel discussion at the FOX portion of the 2015 Winter TCA Tour at the Langham Huntington Hotel on January 15, 2016 in Pasadena, California



Ellis's Lucifer Morningstar has given up ruling over hell to live among humankind in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, where he owns the night-club Lux. During this supernatural, urban fantasy and comedy-drama series he becomes a part of the Los Angeles Police department (LAPD), where he is accompanied by detective Decker. This is the beginning of their journey as they slowly get to know each other on a deeper level and start to solve cases together.


At the start, detective Decker is completely annoyed with Lucifer's personality and how he manages to solve cases faster than her, and suddenly they are competing against each other. Among the highlights of the show is the romantic chemistry between Lucifer and Detective Decker, which is set up right at the beginning of the series. Decker and Lucifer start off on a complicated and yet unusual foot, and the viewers of the fantasy- drama series are intrigued further as the story moves on.

When the truth behind Lucifer's charming tricks not working on Decker comes into play, the series begins another interesting journey to discover the twist in the plot. As the series progresses in season 1, their relationship goes from colleagues to confidants to intimately inclined partners. Everything is pretty hunky-dory until there is a glitch in Decker's identity; turns out, the devil is not the only one keeping a secret.

The detective too had a celestial past, which Lucifer's brother, Amenadial ( D.B Woodside), reveals after getting involved in the duo's relationship. Amenadiel, who was the angel who blessed Decker's parents with a miracle child, lets out the truth of her birth. This gives rise to an crack in their connection, making Lucifer leave the country to stay away from Decker as she has an indirect impact on his powers and immortality.


During the beginning of Season two, Lucifer returns to LA with a woman he claims to be married to, which then triggers feelings of jealousy for Decker. She then decides to let go of her feelings as Lucifer begins to ignore her, leaving her side as a detective and moving to work with the investigative agent Ella Lopez ( Aimee Garcia). At the end of Season three, Lucifer has revealed to everyone that Decker is a special entity in his life and the marriage was just a pretense to get over his feelings for Decker. After this point, the feelings Decker and Lucifer have for each other is pretty obvious to everyone - read unrealistic arguments and disagreements. 

Despite this, Decker goes on to have a relationship with the enigmatic head detective Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling). Season four turns the story into a perfect romance tale as the vibes of love have been gushing out throughout the series. The roller coaster ride that has been the duo's togetherness from the moment they met has kept the audience on its toes. After season 4, the one question that has been doing the rounds on the Devil-lover fans' lips is if there would be another season of 'Lucifer'?


Director Tom Kapinos confirms the release of a fifth season, which brought relief to the fandom. But our next worry is if the show will rekindle the Devil-Decker relationship. 

Their relationship was destined as soon as Lucifer realized that his desirable charms did not work on Decker, and they were unwittingly stuck together since then, bound by trust and love. However, it wasn't until the ending of Season 4 that their feelings came bursting out to the surface. Decker finally accepted Lucifer for who he really is and they seal that acceptance with a kiss admitting their love for each other.

The Devil-Decker Duo (Netflix)


The plot deepens as Lucifer learns he has to return to hell, despite resistance from detective Decker to let him go. He obviously moves back to hell in order to save the life of his one true love and everyone else, this means that their love will unleash evil on the world in accordance with the prophecy that the series was chasing throughout Season 4.


The final season keeps the hope alive that the spark between Lucifer and Decker has been rekindled. That being said, we will only know the reality of Lucifer's wicked journey on Earth once the show returns with season 5 on Netflix in 2020. We have our fingers crossed.   

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