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'Lucifer' Season 5 Episode 3: Archangel Michael still at war with Lucifer, dead set on ruining brother's life

Lucifer Morningstar's life was taken over by his twin brother Archangel Michael and during this time, he has left seeds of doubt and fear
Laura German and Tom Ellis (Netflix)
Laura German and Tom Ellis (Netflix)

In Episode 3, we see Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) return to Detective Chloe Decker's (Laura German) side while he left Amanedial to hold the fort over Hell. After eons of waiting for his reunion with his Chloe, what Lucifer hadn't imagined was to return to watch her struggle with the truth of her feelings about Lucifer. After Michael informed her about the secret behind her birth, the thing that Chloe felt most was powerlessness. She felt as if she had no control over her life and this led to her lashing out at Lucifer, and rightly so, because despite having heard the truth from his mother Charlotte and Amenadiel (DB Woodside) about Chloe being God's blessing, he hadn't revealed the truth to her.

So what was supposed to be a passionate meeting ended up being an awkward situation for both Lucifer and Chloe! Lucifer is unable to understand why Chloe would be shocked by this revelation. He tells her he understands why this would seem like bad news. After all, he had not reacted well either. However, the extent to which Chloe seems affected is not something that he had expected. So, Michael had done exactly what he had set out to do and that is to bring a rift in their relationship. However, it doesn't seem like the animosity between Lucifer and Michael is a simple sibling rivalry. It definitely seems deeper than that and we also think Michael wants more than to just ruin Lucifer's life on Earth.

At this time, Lucifer and Chloe land a case. A screenwriter who Lucifer had handed over a favor for is killed and to Chloe's shock, he has recently achieved success for a show titled 'Lieutenant Diablo'. This show is based on Lucifer and Chloe's life but is not exactly a true portrayal.

Remember the distaste we had felt for fake Lucifer in the previous episode? It's this same feeling that Chloe has about seeing a show modeled after her. Turns out this was Lucifer's favor to the dead television writer. He shared details about solving crimes with Chloe which inspired a successful show. Of course, the writer wrote the male character as a lead and the female detective was designed to seem like an arm candy who is nothing but impressed with Diablo's expertise. There is over the top sexual references, sexism in general and bad acting — all of it exaggerated to comical levels. It seems like the episode tries to draw on how frustrated viewers must have been with fake Morningstar because it is the same feeling that was reflected in Chloe.

Lucifer, of course, is not too bothered with how Chloe's character is portrayed. He is instead impressed by how much Diablo's character is like him. In many ways, Lucifer's reaction to this fake version of himself and Chloe is similar to his reaction to Chloe's thoughts about her birth. He comes across as dense about Chloe's discomfort around him and he is dense about Dr Linda Martin's worry about her baby daddy. As a result, he ignores all the signs that tell him to give Chloe the space she needs to sort her feelings out. Instead, because of him continuously hovering around Chloe, she ends up lashing out at him and tells him that while she wants to be with him, she can't help feeling as if she has no choice in it. So instead of the happy reunion, we see Lucifer get his heart broken.

While Lucifer is busy trying to clean up the mess created by Michael in Chloe's mind, he is unaware that Michael has also managed to needle Mazikeen's fear of being abandoned. The fact that Lucifer doesn't realize why him leaving Maze behind had hurt her shows how blind he is to feelings and emotions of people around him. This is also what allows Michael to create a misunderstanding between Lucifer and his friends. How will Lucifer face up to his twin brother, and an angel from Silver City?

'Lucifer' Season 5 Part 1 is to release on August 21 and can be streamed on Netflix.