Will there be a Lucifer season 5? Actor Lesley-Ann Brandt clues us in on the possibilities

Will there be a Lucifer season 5? Actor Lesley-Ann Brandt clues us in on the possibilities

Lucifer season 4 dropped on Netflix last week and with 10 episodes, we see Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German), Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) and their friends travel further down the lane of what it means to bring celestial beings close to humans. The show was picked up by Netflix after Fox axed it at the end of its third season. One of the main reasons for this being the #SaveLucifer campaign that went viral on social media. While the 10-episode fourth season did conclude the arc of Lucifer in a way, there are still possibilities that can be further explored in the show if season 5 were to be announced. 

In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide, when we asked Lesley what she thinks about the show returning for another season she said that if fans can bring the show back from the dead, then she thought that breaking into season 5 is also possible. "I think we might. Our trailer has got four million views, which is crazy and it was humbling. I hope so (that there is season 5) as there is so much story that we could tell, and the way we ended the season, it was on a massive cliffhanger. So, I just don't see how we don't have a season 5."

Mazikeen plays the demon who falls in love with Eve in season 4 of 'Lucifer'. (Source: Netflix)

Spoilers for season 4 ahead...

At the end of 'Lucifer' season 4, we saw the devil make the biggest sacrifice even as things seemed to end well. He decided that if he continued to walk the earth, the prophecy of evil spreading in the world and not just him may come true. Especially after seeing Chloe engulfed by demons from Hell, Lucifer cannot take the risk of losing the first ever woman that he fell in love with and so he takes the throne and becomes king of Hell once again. Chloe is left behind and in tears as Lucifer becomes the punisher of all evildoers. In a way, the climax does showcase an ending but what about the other celestials on Earth? Like Amenadiel and baby Charlie. Will Mazikeen take the rightful place by Lucifer in Hell or will she stay back on Earth? There are a lot of questions that were left unanswered and the only solution is to pick up the show for a season 5. 


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