'Lucifer's Season 4 promo teaser shows Tom Ellis return as a very steamy Satan

'Lucifer's Season 4 promo teaser shows Tom Ellis return as a very steamy Satan

Netflix always gets it right, and sometimes it takes an extra step just to mend things that others have broken. After FOX canceled the much-loved series of the very hot Satan, following Season 3 in March 2018, Netflix took up the step to impress fans and loyal followers of 'Lucifer' by picking up the show. As it has been much anticipated since Season 3 left us on a cliffhanger, Netflix has finally revealed a release date and a promo teaser for the upcoming Season 4. 

In the promo trailer, we see the ever-perfect bodied Satan, or Lucifer, walk out of a pool sipping on his glass of wine, as he looks sharply into the camera which follows his every move. Tagging the post on social media as simply, "today, satan. #lucifer", the promo teaser has already given fans just the right kind of teasing — as expected from the steamy lord of the underworld. Fans are going absolutely bonkers over the shot, and while some are unable to hold back their excitement by even screaming in classes, others have pretty much entered their own mode of celebration with their very own glasses of wine. 



One fan on Twitter wrote, "I see why Eve ate the Apple. I would have eaten the entire orchard." Another claimed, "I'm getting paid a lot of money for doing my job, which I'm patently NOT doing right now. Can I say the Devil made me do it?" Some are already demanding for a trailer: "Now that we got the date. WHEN ARE WE GETTING THE TRAILER." Some actually thanked Netflix for keeping the show, "Literally pay for netflix only because you saved the show #lucifer." However, the show stealer continues to be Tom Ellis, who has been now and then accused of being...well, simply too sexy! A fan wrote, "this is more then I could have Imagined #TomEllis OMG HOT ."

Fans simply cannot get enough of the new promo. (Twitter)


Fortunately, 'Lucifer' arrives exactly 666 hours from now on May 8, and yes, we cannot wait for it any longer!

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