'Lucifer' season 4 will see the Devil get seduced by Eve, but is it all part of God's plan?

'Lucifer' season 4 will see the Devil get seduced by Eve, but is it all part of God's plan?

'Lucifer' season 4 has us excited because the show which was originally canceled by Fox was picked up by Netflix after fans campaigned for it be saved. We last saw Chloe Decker (Lauren German) see Lucifer Morningstar's (Tom Ellis) true face, however, the two did not face the truth and instead the show ended with a rather odd episode where 'God' decided to show viewers that Lucifer and Chloe were destined to meet despite changes in circumstances. The closure that we missed in season 3 will be the main plot of season 4 and we cannot wait to see how Chloe responds to the truth now that she has seen it herself. 

Lauren German plays the role of detective Chloe Decker in 'Lucifer'. (Source: Netflix)

The new season will see the introduction of a new character - Eve (Inbar Levi) - who seems to be influencing Lucifer to be himself, just not the version of himself that would hinder her life on Earth. Even in the trailer, we see Eve stress on how Lucifer shouldn't change himself to suit someone else but be with people who accept him for who they are. Over the last three seasons, we have seen Lucifer evolve into a man who can accept not just his devilish characteristics but also his emotional vulnerabilities and his good side in the company of Chloe. His love for her was what influenced him to understand that what he thinks of himself influences who he is. From believing that his father, God of the universe manipulated everything about his life to understanding that he is free to make his choices, there was a great deal of growth that we saw and if things go as hinted in the trailer, all of this growth can be undone. 

Now that Chloe seems to have decided to stay ignorant about what she really saw, that is Lucifer's devil face, her decision might make Lucifer feel insecure about who he is. The doubts that he always had about if he was a good man will resurface and it would be left to circumstances to influence what he does about his relationship with Chloe. Eve will seduce him, but we are not speaking of sexual seduction so much as hedonistic ones. 

DB Woodside plays the role of Amenadiel in 'Lucifer'. (Source: Netflix)

Amenadiel (DB Woodside) will also reappear as the angel now that he has got his wings back. We last saw him take Charlotte Richards (Tricia Helfer) to heaven after she took a bullet for him. It will be interesting to see if he returns with the same faith that he had in his father while he thought he was being tested. His relationship with Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt), our resident demon who we love will also see a change now that Mazikeen has buried her differences with Linda Martin (Rachel Harris). How she moves forward with Amenadiel and Lucifer after her deal with Cane (Tom Welling) that went south will also be interesting. 


Season 4 of 'Lucifer' consisting of 10 episodes will premiere on Netflix on May 8.

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