'Lovestruck in the City' Episode 1 Spoilers: Ji Chang-wook, Kang Ji-won show is about new age love in Seoul

The new Kakao TV show 'Lovestruck in the City' portrays the dating lives of six individuals in Seoul in a refreshing narrative around what falling in love looks like today

                            'Lovestruck in the City' Episode 1 Spoilers: Ji Chang-wook, Kang Ji-won show is about new age love in Seoul
Ji Chang-wook and Kim Ji-won (Kakao TV)

Spoilers for 'Lovestruck in the City' aka 'City Couple's Way of Love' Episode 1 ahead

What is it like to really fall in love today? Dating has changed and the way people meet, interact and talk has too. Everyone has begun to give precedence to compatibility both sexually and mentally, so in such space how do single individuals meet and get together. 'Lovestruck in the City' that airs on Kakao TV captures this exact emotion. In the first episode, we meet six individuals Park Jae-won (Ji Chang-wook), Lee Eun-o (Kim Ji-won), Choi Kyeong-jun (Kim Min-suk), Suh Rin-i (So Ju-yeon), Oh Seong-yeong (Han Ji-eun), and Kang Gun (Ryoo Kyung-soo). 

The six of them are interviewed by a documentary filmmaker who wants to explore different facets of love. So Jae-won is an architect, Eun-o is a marketing advisor, Kyeong-jun is also an architect who works with Jae-won, and from what we gather from the episode, it looks like the two of them are cousins. Then there is Rin-i who is currently unemployed but believes that she is pursuing her interests in all areas. We then have Seong-yeong, a young working professional who addresses herself as a serial dater and finally an author -- Kang Gun. So are there couples among them? We are not really sure about that. However, the first episode centers on Jae-won's story. He tells us his preference, his type, what his expectations are sexually among other things, and finally, speaking about his most memorable love affair, the 32-year-old architect opens up. 

Turns out, it was his dream to travel in a camping car. He rents this car out at Yangyang and decides to stay on the beach doing nothing but surfing. It is here that he meets Eun-o, who happens to be working part-time for Rara. Rara is Jae-won's friend and his contact in this new island and in a day, as he gets to know the vivacious and feisty Eun-o, he falls in love with her. We hear his love story from his perspective and from what we can make out of the interview style narrative, it seems clear that neither Jae-won nor Eun-o are aware of taking part in the same research documentary.

When Jae-won tells us that the woman he met was crazy and that he fell in love with her crazy we understand what he means. The theme of the episode centers around Rolling Star's song 'Hello My Beach', which is about a man wanting to invite his girlfriend back into his life despite the hard break up because he is unable to forget how beautiful falling and being in love with her had felt. Jae-won and Eun-o are traveling in the same boat and what we would have to see is if their stories will converge through this series of interviews or if what we see now is just an entry out of their life. 

'Lovestruck in the City' originally airs on Kakao TV on Tuesdays and Fridays and can be streamed on Netflix in the US.

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