'Love Triangle Nightmare': 5 things you need to know about Lifetime thriller movie

'Love Triangle Nightmare': 5 things you need to know about Lifetime thriller movie
Glenda Braganza (L) stars as Brittany, while Jeff Teravainen (R) will play the role of Jake in 'Love Triangle Nightmare' (IMDb)

'Love Triangle Nightmare' on Lifetime is about a love triangle involving a woman, her ex-husband, and the new man in her life. The movie follows a woman called Brittany as she meets a stranger who has everything she desires in a partner, and despite being warned by others about the mystery man, she falls in love with him, which leads to something tragic.


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When will 'Love Triangle Nightmare' be released and where can you watch it?

'Love Triangle Nightmare' premieres on June 17, 2022, on the Lifetime Movie Network.

What is 'Love Triangle Nightmare' all about?

The official synopsis of the movie reads, "New divorcee Brittany falls for a handsome stranger who appears to be everything her ex-husband, Austin, is not. Austin seriously questions his former wife's new relationship, but his warning falls on deaf ears until it is too late."


Who stars in 'Love Triangle Nightmare'?

Glenda Braganza

Glenda Braganza has been on stages all around Canada. She has worked on a diverse range of individual projects in addition to big companies. Her versatility and ability to perform a wide range of roles garnered her many accolades. She has had a long career, working in movies, television, voiceovers, commercials, and video games. She has appeared in several movies, including 'My First Wedding' (2004), 'Tripping the Wire: A Stephen Tree Mystery' (2005), '10.5: Apocalypse' (2006), 'Last Exit' (2006), 'Infected' (2008), 'Afterwards' (2008) and 'Men with Brooms'.



Jeff Teravainen

Toronto-based Jeff Teravainen was born and brought up in a tiny Canadian village. He caught the acting bug after years of being the lead singer/bassist for The Life, an award-winning band. While his music career flourished, he began steadily establishing his career on camera. He has also voiced characters in popular animation shows, movies, and video games such as 'Far Cry', 'Splinter Cell', and 'Resident Evil'. He is best known for his recurrent appearances as Lieutenant Anders on 'Dark Matter' and as Agent Stack on '12 Monkeys'.



Who are the showrunners?

'Love Triangle Nightmare' is directed by Roxanne Boisvert.


The trailer has not been released yet. Stay tuned for more updates.


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