'Love on the Spectrum': Sharnae and Jimmy's unlikely yet beautiful relationship will melt your heart

There are plenty of life lessons all of us can take away from seeing Jimmy and Sharnae's beautiful relationship — which can melt even the coldest of hearts

                            'Love on the Spectrum': Sharnae and Jimmy's unlikely yet beautiful relationship will melt your heart
Sharnae and Jimmy (Netflix)

Sharnae and Jimmy's relationship can melt even the coldest hearts. The couple appeared on Netflix's latest show, 'Love on the Spectrum'. Both Sharnae and Jimmy are on the autism spectrum. While Sharnae has difficulty with speech, Jimmy appears to have trouble with social interaction and is extremely introverted. 

When the producers asked Sharnae to describe her ideal partner, she simply calls out to her boyfriend, Jimmy. He shyly walks towards the camera but refuses to make any eye contact. He looks away and even hesitates to speak. Sharnae gently nudges him to look at the camera and talk to it. With her gentle patience, she manages to get Jimmy out of his discomfort and gets him to talk.

The couple then begins recounting how they met and began dating. They reveal that they have been together for about three years. Sharnae then adds that she saw Jimmy for the first time at a jobcentre and was instantly attracted to him. We see them moving in together on the show. They both declare that it is the biggest step in their relationship. Jimmy has nothing but praises for Sharnae, as he explains how she is extremely patient with him and understands him. He also shares that she was the first person to identify him as being on the spectrum. 

When asked what their plans are in life, Sharnae reveals that before they settle down she wants to travel with Jimmy. Jimmy sweetly shares that he wants them to experience and do everything that Sharnae assumed they can't do because of their disability. The couple plan on taking a vacation and book a lovely ocean-facing room in a hotel.

While Sharnae thinks that they are just going for a nice relaxing vacation, Jimmy has other plans in mind. He quietly plans a beautiful proposal for her. A day after they reach their hotel, Jimmy whisks her off to what Sharnae assumes to be lunch. Once they reach the venue, she sees a pianist playing some music. Jimmy then begins singing to Sharnae and ends his song by kneeling down and proposing to a surprised Sharnae. Towards the end of the show, we learn that the couple is planning a trip to Vegas, and might have an Elvis Presley-themed wedding there. 

'Love on the Spectrum' is available for streaming on Netflix.

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