‘Love & Listings’: Fans shocked by Zac's response to ex-girlfriend Samantha when she tries to rekindle their relationship

An incident in the real estate reality show has left fans fuming - Zac's nasty response to Samantha as she tries to get back to her ex. Read on to know more...

                            ‘Love & Listings’: Fans shocked by Zac's response to ex-girlfriend Samantha when she tries to rekindle their relationship

VH1’s new real-estate reality show ‘Love & Listings’ has us hooked with all the juicy drama that goes down in the glamorous celebrity real-estate world. While the agents spend most of the day showing celebrities beautiful homes that are up for grabs, they spend the evenings in a “networking event”, where all the drama and showdowns take place. In the first episode, we witnessed Taylor being very hostile towards new agent Ajani. In the second episode, we saw a heated argument between Taylor and her boss Tai. In the third, that aired on August 12, we had a lot of juicy drama going down simultaneously during the networking event.

In the previous episode, we saw Samantha, a real-estate agent realizing that she has strong feelings for a fellow agent and former boyfriend Zac and expresses the same to him. Zac reveals to her that he is currently seeing somebody else. A disappointed Sam then talks to her girlfriends and tells them about what happened. The girls try comforting Sam by saying that Zac’s new girlfriend won’t last around too long. Unfortunately, Zac happens to overhear the entire conversation and gets upset with Sam’s behavior and attitude. Later in the evening, when Sam casually asks him where his girlfriend was, an irate Zac tells her that she was out of town. When she tries to provoke him by saying that they could have been in a relationship had she wanted it, his response to her had everybody at the table shocked and speechless. He says she couldn’t even get his d*** h***. An embarrassed and humiliated Sam reveals in the confessional that his response was uncalled for.

Erik, Samantha, and Zac (Instagram)

Fans too were shocked by Zac’s behavior. A fan wrote, “@ZacDiles I still love you but dang you didn’t have to go off on Sam like that 💀 #LoveAndListings." Another fan wrote, “Zac is coming off messy & disrespectful AF! I don’t know about dude now! He fit right in for reality tv. He making himself look bad! #LoveAndListings”. Zac and Samantha dated many years ago for just three months, and fans feel that Samantha too was at fault for being so pushy. A fan commented, “Look ladies no matter how pretty you are or how confident you are... not EVERY man that speaks to you and is nice to you wants you! Like sis pick your face up. Zac: Hi sam. Sam: oh he basically said I love you! 🙄 no bish he said HI! Lmao #loveandlistings." 

What do you think of Zac’s response to Sam’s advances? Let us know. Love & Listings airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. EST on VH1.

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