‘Love & Listings’: Ajani and Andrew's flirty behavior raises eyebrows of co-stars and fans

When Ajani was looking to get into the world of celebrity real-estate, top agent Andrew took her under his wing and helped her get a job at a firm. We couldn’t help but wonder if there is something brewing between them.

                            ‘Love & Listings’: Ajani and Andrew's flirty behavior raises eyebrows of co-stars and fans

When Ajani Scott moved from Michigan to LA with dreams of being a top realtor, she quickly learned that life in LA was hard. So, she had to take up a job as a waitress to make ends meet, while looking to break into the celebrity real-estate world. When she crossed paths with veteran realtor Andrew Clinkscale she found a mentor and friend in him. He too took her under his wing and helped her land a job at one of the top real estate firms and helped her along the way. 

In one of her confessionals in the pilot episode, Ajani gushes about how thankful she is to Andrew, and also reveals that she has feelings for him. Our hearts warmed up to this sweet small-town girl, as she tried to make her way in the big, bad world of celebrity real-estate. In the second episode, we saw Ajani meeting up with Andrew to seek his advice on her career and get some insights into the market from him. The duo engaged in friendly banter and mild flirting. It was quite fun to watch them both getting closer with each episode. 

Ajani Scott reveals that she has feelings for Andrew on 'Love & Listings' (Instagram)

In the recent episode, episode 3, that aired on August 12, we saw Ajani and Andrew getting a little too cozy and flirty much to the discomfort of others around them. We saw Andrew leaning into Ajani and telling her that he wanted to help her find ground as everybody got help when they started off in this business. Ajani blushes in agreement and begins chatting him up. The duo seemed completely into each other and unaware of what was happening around them. Erik, Ajani's boss, and fellow agent Sarah who was seated opposite looked very uncomfortable with the duo's behavior. Later, in the confessional, Sarah reveals that Andrew is engaged and was wondering aloud if Ajani was flirting with an engaged man. Andrew didn't reveal his relationship status with Ajani and continued flirting with her. 



Their co-stars and fans seemed a bit confused over Andrew's strange behavior. Taylor Schwartz, a cast member of the show commented, "Is it just me or are Ajani and Andrew looking a LITTLE too close for comfort for Andrew to be an engaged man??? #LoveAndListings". Ajani's boss too felt that they seemed unusually cozy and comfortable together. But fans quickly began tweeting their opinions on the situation. Several fans were strongly advising Andrew against doing anything stupid. A fan tweeted, "Andrew, Ajani isn't worth the trouble of causing your fiancée any type of embarrassment. Therefore, step far away from a disaster that's waiting to happen and keep your primary focus on self, family, and business. #LoveAndListings". 

Love & Listings airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. EST on VH1.

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