'Love & Listings' has fans gushing over Suge Knight's fatherly advice to his son Jacob over his career choice

When 'Love & Listings' star Jacob spoke to his father, Suge Knight after three long years, Suge's advice for Jacob is easily one of the best suggestions a parent can give to their child

                            'Love & Listings' has fans gushing over Suge Knight's fatherly advice to his son Jacob over his career choice

Former rap music mogul and co-founder of Death Row Records Label-Suge Knight offered a different side to him on the previous episode of 'Love & Listings' when he spoke to his son, and fans can’t get enough of it. The infamous record producer had been imprisoned for manslaughter three years ago. His sentence included a ban on making or receiving phone calls, visitors and access to an attorney.

This also means that his son Jacob didn’t speak to his father for three years. While Jacob decided to pursue real-estate to rebuild his family legacy, the one thing that kept him from achieving his dream was the fear that his father might not approve of it.

Jacob explains his fears to his girlfriend Taylor, saying that he is not able to focus on his preparation for the real estate license exam because he kept thinking of his father and lived in constant fear that papa Suge might not be on board with his plans.

Suge Knight's dream was for his son Jacob to get into the music industry, but Jacob reveals that over the last couple of years he realized that it was his father's dream and not his. He feels that real estate is his calling and tells the same to his father. A nervous Jacob was expecting his father to be disappointed or, worse, upset with him.



So, when Jacob finally does receive the call and shares his decision to pursue a career in real-estate, Suge seems to take the news well and gives some good advice to his son on success. He says, "If you’re going to do real-estate, be the best at it, put your heart into it and give it your all."

Then Jacob reveals that he just wants his father to be proud of him. Suge's response to that is one that we didn’t expect from him. The former rap music mogul tells his son that he has always been proud of him and that Jacob should stop worrying about pleasing his father and focus on living for himself. This precious wisdom made fans see a different and more humane side to Suge Knight.

Fans loved this emotional side of Suge, a fan wrote, "Wow I know Suge Knight is an OG triple OG no disputing that. But the phone call with his son showed a different side and was dare I say refreshing #LoveAndListings". Another fan tweeted, "So glad Suge gave Jacob his approval in being in real estate!!  #loveandlistings".

'Love & Listings' airs Monday nights at 10 pm EST on VH1.

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