'Love & Listings': Zac returns to Samantha after humiliating her, fans are convinced she is his 'rebound'

Fans of the show seem to think that Zac is wooing Samantha just because he is lonely, following his breakup with Kat

                            'Love & Listings': Zac returns to Samantha after humiliating her, fans are convinced she is his 'rebound'
Zac Diles and Samantha Barretto (VH1)

The previous season of 'Love & Listings' saw Samantha Barretto trying really hard to woo her former boyfriend Zac Diles. Unfortunately for Sam, the timing couldn't have been worse. Zac was already in a relationship with another woman called Kat and made it clear to Sam that he wasn't interested in her. However, Sam chose to ignore Zac's words and continued trying to woo him by flirting with him and constantly mixing business with pleasure. Finally, Zac decided to pull the plug on her and humiliated her in front of everyone.

Considering how rocky things were between them, we expected to see them both keeping an arm's distance from each other. But it looks like the duo managed to get past their issues and are back to being friends. We even saw Zac showing some feelings towards Sam. He left her voice notes saying that he wanted to kiss her and even brought up the topic of dating each other since they both were singles. 

When fans saw Zac and Sam considering dating, they immediately came to the conclusion that Sam was his rebound. Following his breakup from Kat, Zac has been single and suddenly decides to shower his attention and affection on Sam, while he spent all of last season humiliating her. A fan tweeted, "Sam is definitely Zac’s rebound. #LoveandListings." Another fan seconded with, "Sam is that Ex that just wont go away she’s definitely a rebound.. Everytime he has a failed relationship #LoveAndListings."

Many fans advised Sam to stay away from Zac and not fall for him. A fan commented, "Zac seems like he’s lonely & wanting attention so he went to the first person who’d give it to him which is easily accessible Sam & she’s eating it up #LoveAndListings." Another fan shared, "Zac fine asf but I just feel like he want Sam back because he have nobody else to talk to tbh #LoveAndListings."

"Go with ur brain Samantha! Runnnnn any dude that down play u the way he did ain’t bout shit!! #LoveAndListings," pointed out a fan. "Samantha do not fall for Zac's trap. Hes an ex for a reason. #LoveAndListings," cautioned a fan. Another fan expressed, "But Zac definitely tried to play Sam last season infront of everybody lol dont zo it Sam! #LoveAndListings."

'Love & Listings' Season 2 airs every Monday at 9/8 c on VH1.

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