'Love & Listings' Season 2 Finale: Should Zac and Sam date for the third time? Fans think they need to move on

Fans don't think its a good idea for Zac and Samantha to mix business with pleasure and feel they are better off as friends

                            'Love & Listings' Season 2 Finale: Should Zac and Sam date for the third time? Fans think they need to move on
Zac Diles and Samantha Barretto (VH1)

Zac Diles and Samantha Barretto's on-again-off-again relationship has been one of the central storylines of VH1's hit reality show 'Love & Listings'. The first season of the show saw Samantha pursuing Zac pretty aggressively, despite him already being in a relationship with someone else. She pursued him relentlessly until he made it very clear to her that he had no interest in rekindling their relationship and wanted to focus on his then-girlfriend.

But Season 2 saw a newly single Zac suddenly showing a huge interest in Sam. He wooed her enough to get her to agree to give their relationship another shot. This time around, Zac was all in and showered Sam with all his love and attention. This left Sam feeling suffocated and overwhelmed. So she began acting out by insisting on setting a schedule for when they could meet and hangout. This irked Zac. Later when Zac found out that Sam might still not be over her ex, it left him fuming at her. 

Zac was so annoyed with Sam for not telling him that she was still into her ex that he broke up with her. Soon after their break up, their mutual friend set him up with another girl. Zac and the new girl hit it off really well, which upset Sam. Sam said some words to his new girlfriend and created a huge scene. Later Sam met Zac and apologized to him and explained how she tends to sabotage her relationships because she never had a healthy relationship growing up, 

After Zac hears that, he begins seeing her in a new light. He then dumps the new girl saying that he wasn't in the right headspace for a relationship with her. Towards the end of the episode, we see Zac and Sam hanging out together. He tells her how much he loves spending time with her and enjoys her company. The season ended with them hinting at giving their relationship a try for the third time.

However, fans feel strongly that Zac and Sam shouldn't be doing that. A fan tweeted, "Mixing business and pleasure is never a good idea. To be honest Sam and Zac shouldn’t have happened the second time around. Both of them need to move on. #LoveAndListings #Season2Finale #LoveAndListingsSeasonFinale #LoveAndListingsFinale."


Another fan wrote, "Sam and Zac are TOXIC AS HELL #LoveAndListings."


"Zac, if you go back to the Lions Den with Sam, you deserve everything that you get!#LoveAndListings," expressed another fan.


"Sam and Zac aren’t ready to take it to the next level right now. They need to get themselves together first. They are better off being friends. Their damn rollercoaster was exhausting as hell. #LoveAndListings," pointed out a fan.


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