'Love It Or List It': Hilary Farr puts her designer skills to use and helps two sisters move back into their old home

'Love It Or List It': Hilary Farr puts her designer skills to use and helps two sisters move back into their old home
Interior designer Hilary Farr at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival on September 6, 2012 in Toronto, Canada (Getty Images)

A regular 'Love It Or List It' episode, would feature multiple jibes,  sarcasm, preferences, and a flurry of choices. But this week it was all very sorted with the sisters Katherine and Hagen knowing what they wanted from their next property - new or renovated. 

They had been living in their old house for over four years and thus, it was very obvious for them to want to move. But, they are also not dropping the idea of reliving the same space, if it were to be redone just the way they like it. This was where Hilary Farr stepped in. The siblings had one straight directive: 'Just make everything bigger in size so that there's space for everyone to move around'. 

Even though Katherine was convinced that their old house, no matter the amount of renovation done, will not live up to their expectations and they'd eventually have to move out of it and the neighborhood, Hagen was more keen on waiting until the project showed its results. However, they didn't stop looking for newer options with David Visentin, while Hilary got on with the job at hand. 


She had to make a new deck altogether, raise the roof, get the laundry out of the bedroom, enlarge the bedroom - there was lots to do. Even though it seemed like a tough challenge at first, Hilary was able to smoothen the edges by strategically employing her designer skills. The siblings wanted the basement to be reworked on as well, but Hilary admitted that the budget they've given her - $1,10,000 - wouldn't work because it's going to involve a lot of excavation work, which is a matter of time and money.     

Both Katherine and Hagen were quick to acknowledge the issue at hand and asked Hilary to give up on redoing the said area. It was a momentary relief for Hilary until she realized raising the ceiling is a job that's more that she can take. However, she got that done too. 

Impressed with the final reveal, the sisters decided to love it. This week's episode was heavy on work, light on the snarky, picky feedbacks, which was refreshing. 


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