'Love it or List it': Fans question Eric Eremita's absence as he quits show to start new venture

'Love it or List it': Fans question Eric Eremita's absence as he quits show to start new venture

After a successful season last year, 'Love it or List it' returned on Monday night for an all-new season premiere. Fans were excited to see what goes down between David Visentin and Hilary Farr, as they compete once again to see if the couple will love it or list it. 

The first couple the season introduced us to had ample of faults in their ranch-style house. Right from patched up ceilings filled with cracks, mushrooms growing out of their toilet, to pillars in the living room that would fall down if there is too much pressure on it. Apart from that they also had issues with the lack of an extra bedroom for the guests in the house.

Wanting to renovate her three-bedroom house into a four-bedroom one with a renovated laundry room, new mudroom, pantry, kitchen,Maggie's budget was $160,000, whereas Aaron who is also a real estate broker wanted a new house with four bedrooms, two bonus rooms, outdoor area and open space within the budget of $600,000. It was up to Hilary and David to try to convince them to either love it or list it.

While everything that went down in the episode was quite entertaining and interesting to watch, there was one thing that caught the attention of fans, and now they want an answer. To do her renovations, Hilary always had her trusty general contractor, 50-year-old Eric Eremita. But when the new season premiered, fans were shocked to see he was missing, and that Hilary had a new contractor doing the renovations. 

Fans stormed Twitter during the episode questioning his absence and wanting answers. "Where is construction manager Eric??? #LoveItOrListIt," wrote a fan. Adding to that another said, "#LoveItOrListIt is back and eric is nowhere to be seen. Wtf I am devastated."

"Wait!!!!! Where's Eric?! Hilary done went and got a new construction foreman and IDK how I feel about it. #LoveItOrListIt," shared a fan. While another wrote, "@LoveItorListIt Where is Eric??? I liked him. Who is this Hank!??! #LoveitOrListit #LILT." 

Well, to put fans at ease, Eric announced in a podcast with Reality Life with Kate Casey ahead of the premiere stating that he will not be returning to 'Love it or List it' but teased that big things are coming. He also revealed that he and his team have "big networks standing behind" a future TV project. 

"It's been a wild ride. I never expected in my lifetime that I would be changing careers, indirectly. I'm still a general contractor, I'm still a designer, I'm still in my field. But I'm doing it on a more creative level than I could ever dream of, honestly. I've done more than 70 episodes of Love It or List It ... I'm airing in 15 different countries right now. So it's honestly been incredible. There's no other word for it," Eric added.

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