'Love it or List it': Hilary Farr aces space challenge but fans say house will be back to being messy

'Love it or List it': Hilary Farr aces space challenge but fans say house will be back to being messy
Hilary Farr and David Visentin on 'Love It or List It.' [HGTV]

In this week's 'Love it or List it,' the challenge for Hilary Farr and David Visentin is all about increased space and storage.

Suzanne and Brian bought their first house a decade ago and a lot changed since then. They have two kids now -- Eleanor and William -- which explains the overflow of toys, making everything look disorganized and untidy. When they first moved in, the space was great with open floor plans, two-storeyed living area, and it was thought of as a great space for everyone to grow.

But now it has definitely gotten worse, claimed Suzanne. However, the husband continues to enjoy and love the house, if only someone could help them utilize their space better. He wishes for renovation plans that will spruce things up completely, giving them a brand new home of sorts. Apart from increased storage and space, the pair also expressed an interest in an office space and a kitchen that has enough countertop area and of course, a dedicated pantry.

Hilary and David got to work immediately and knew they had to make efforts for this one because there was a budget constraint. David had to find a house that cannot exceed  US$ 3,75,000, while Hilary had US$1,10,000 to work her magic. 


The two-storeyed living area was made into two floors that featured a multipurpose room -- a perfect hangout space with pull-down bed, entertainment unit, and lounge furniture -- and office space on top, and a living area beneath. Suzanne and Brian were taken aback with the way their new space was done up, because they weren't missing the huge ceiling at all. But, Hilary went a tad bit over budget to redesign the house. 

Meanwhile, David scoped nearby areas to get them a house that would match their checklist -- updated kitchen with storage, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, bonus kids space, shared office, 2000+ square feet. The last one on his list matched the couple's requirements but was overbudget. 

However, fans are of the opinion that the house (pre-renovation) was good and needed to be cleaned up to have a good idea of all the space that was being wasted due to clutter. 

"These people’s house is small and a mess, but these are also the type of people who could have 4000 square feet and would still pack it full of shit. #LoveItOrListIt," a fan wrote. While another posted: "Oh, come, no one can be this disorganized and messy, can they? That's just not normal. #LoveItOrListIt.""The home is not dysfunctional in this case, it's the owners. Whether they love or list it, it'll be unrecognizable in months," expressed another user. 


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