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'Love it or list it': Home owner Travis has decided to move out, will Hilary change his mind with her magic?

The washroom on the ground floor of the house was dated and their office was so tiny it could fit only Drew and their tiny pet, a turtle

Happy and fulfilled couple Travis and Drew did not like their current house for multiple reasons. The kitchen was too small, the laundry area was inside the kitchen and so on and so forth. But while Travis was ready to pack up and move out of their old house with their dogs, Drew thought the house still had potential.

Hilary Farr and David Visentin, the hosts of HGTV's hit show 'Love It or List It', are always ready to revamp/lure the home owners to buy a new house respectively. As soon as Hilary and David stepped into Travis and Drew’s house, they realised the house didn’t have any entryway. One can see how Hilary and David’s mind starts working in totally different ways as the former tried to figure out how to make the best use of the space and the latter is busy picking on all the flaws of the house.

Travis and Drew have been living in their home for 11 years. The washroom on the ground floor of the house is dated and their office is tiny which can fit in only Drew and their tiny pet, a turtle. The master bedroom and attached washroom in the house is the only thing that doesn’t need any renovation.

David informed the couple the market value of their house is $25,500, which they were happy to hear because as Travis accepted, they paid a lot less for it. The budget Travis and Drew had in mind for a new house was $35,500 and the amount that they were willing to spend for renovation was $11,500.

Travis demanded a renovated kitchen and designated laundry space in their existing house for him to be able to consider living there but also snarkily added that he doesn’t think it's possible for Hilary to do it. Hilary takes up the challenge saying, “I love it when someone says I can’t do something.”

David showed the men three houses that they can consider moving into. They liked the first house but they felt the white kitchen might be “too white.” The lack of traffic sound, extra bedroom with a porch and a giant master bedroom was a hit but the tiny backyard was a miss. The second house was also good, given it was in the couple’s preferred neighbourhood but the kitchen was too tiny. The couple loved the third house as it was spacious and everything about it was just what they wanted. The only problem was it was priced at $3,69,000, which was way higher than their price point.

Hilary does a remarkable job renovating the house. Although initially she had to face trouble with rotting floorboards and the lack of space to create a bigger kitchen, Hilary is known for working her magic. And she does, she recreated the house in a way that has everything that the couple asked for and more like when she created a designated space to keep all the accessories. After renovating the house its price went up to $380,000 and the couple decided to love it.

'Love It or List It' airs every Monday at 9/8c on HGTV.