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'Love It or List It': Hilary hits David with a rocket launcher and wows on a ‘life support budget'

While David finds a place that can be the couple's dream house, Hilary does a remarkable job revamping their house
Hilary and David (HGTV)
Hilary and David (HGTV)

Happily married couple Sunita and Bijal are two minds about their downtown house. While Bijal thinks the house is too small and outdated, Sunita believes they just need to modify the house they have and upgrade it. While Bijal wants a big backyard and comfortable spaces inside the house for the kids' playroom, pool table and his wife’s office, Sunita is happy about the house’s close proximity to the school, parks and every place important. Bijal says, “I love my wife, but it’s time to move to a new place.”

Hilary Farr and David Visentin, the hosts of HGTV's hit show 'Love It or List It', are all set to revamp Sunita and Bijal’s family nest. They checked out the couple’s downtown house and found the layout of the house was interesting. The house had high ceilings, fire-place and the thing that excited Hilary the most, a toy rocket-launcher lying on the floor, left behind by the kids. Hilary took her best shot and hit David right on the face.


The house also had a two car garage that led to a secret room, which was supposed to be Bijal’s man cave. “I can have fun with this space,” says Hilary. To convince Bijal to love the house they have, there are a few things that Hilary has to keep in her mind. Bijal wants the home connected to the garage and the bonus space, he wants an updated and open kitchen, a dedicated laundry room, a mudroom, upgraded main bedroom and bath and a guest house. It almost sounded like he wanted to rip the building apart and reconstruct it. On Sunita's list of demands are an open concept kitchen, 4 bedrooms, at least 3.5 bathrooms, a playroom or a bonus room, laundry room and garage. The place should be close to downtown and there should be a yard for the kids to play.

The budget assigned to Hilary for the reconstruction of the space was $1,30,000 whereas David was asked to find them a new home within $5,50,000 in downtown. On their way back in the car, David tells Hilary that he felt his budget was on the slim side. Hilary sharply responds, “Mine is on a life-support.”

David shows the couple three houses. The first one was not very impressive to the couple as it was very small. The second house was pretty but did not have a garage. Finally the couple raised their price point and found the third house to be just perfect. It was a 3,200 square feet house listed at $6,35,000 and a little away from downtown. But wait till what Hilary had in store for them.

Hilary had contacted Hank, the contractor. They decided to expand the kitchen, get rid of the pillars, create a hallway to the patio and reconstruct the bedroom and create another passage from the bedroom to the secret chilling space. She asked the couple if they could take their budget to $190,000 but they denied and she sadly had to leave out her plans for the bedroom and carry on with the rest of the house. The end result was amazing. 

As soon as the couple steps into their old revamped house, they are astounded at how different it looks than it was. “It doesn’t even look like our house,” says Sunita; “Well! that’s the idea,” replies Hilary.


The couple falls in love with their own house. The kitchen is redone and it's huge, there's space for a little nook and storage and cabinets after the construction of the hallway and most importantly, a designated laundry room. Hilary also managed to fit in a patio and the secret room converted into a multipurpose room. To David’s disappointment, the couple ends up loving the house instead of listing it.

'Love It or List It' airs every Monday at 9/8c only on HGTV.