'Love It or List It': Fans label Diane and Merl as the 'worst couple' they have ever witnessed on the show

Diane's contradictory statements left fans feeling annoyed and irritated

                            'Love It or List It': Fans label Diane and Merl as the 'worst couple' they have ever witnessed on the show
Merl and Diane (HGTV)

Hillary Farr and David Visentin, the hosts of HGTV's hit show 'Love It or List It' are used to having some rather difficult and demanding clients, which is what makes the show extremely interesting and fun to watch. Occasionally, some clients who appear on the show come in with a very specific vision and refuse to budge from it, which can leave both the hosts and the audience feeling a bit antsy. The latest episode of 'Love It or List It' featured one such couple -- Diane and Merl. 

Diane and Merl were living in an old house whose design was heavily inspired by the '80s. While Merl loves the huge, spacious house, and has absolutely no issue with the outdated design and concept of the house, his wife, Diane, didn't share the same sentiment. Diane feels that it is time for them to downsize, as their children have left home, and also despises both the design and the layout of the house. The fact that she spends an hour commuting to her workplace from their home doesn't make things any better for her either. Hence, Diane was very open with her desire to find some other new space which would be located closer to her workplace, and wouldn't be as huge as their current residence.

Both Hillary and David instantly became hopeful about their chances of pleasing their client. While David was confident about finding new houses that would fit Diane's requirements, Hillary saw a glimmer of hope in how strongly Merl was attached to the home. Hillary asked Diane what are the modifications that can be done to their home to make her love it. Diane begins by listing out that she needs an open-concept kitchen, a spa-like bathroom, replacing the popcorn ceiling, and also reflooring and recarpeting the house. 

After carefully hearing out their clients, Hillary and David immediately got to work. Hillary's first plan of action was to break the walls between the kitchen and the dining room, to make it an open concept. She also decided to update their bathroom into a spa room by adding a nice showerhead, and glass walls around the bath area. When Hillary shared her plans with Diane, instead of being pleased with the new ideas and changes, she immediately shot down all of Hillary's ideas. Diane insisted on not breaking the wall near the kitchen and was also adamant that she wanted a bathtub in her bathroom but no glass walls as she didn't want to clean the glass panels. 

When fans heard Diane's contradictory statements, they were left feeling puzzled and annoyed. A fan tweeted, "These people are f***ing insane. She wants a shower but she doesn’t want a shower curtain or a glass shower door so evidently she just wants an entire shower room. But don’t change her existing bathroom. #LoveItOrListIt." "This lady on Love It Or List It is making me mad. She literally doesn't like any of the ideas that Hilary has come up with #loveitorlistit," wrote another fan. 




Another fan expressed, "This may be one of the worse couples (the wife) I’ve ever witnessed on this show #LoveItOrListIt." "The most negative woman is on Love it or List it. #hateher #negativenelly," pointed out a fan.





'Love It or List It' airs every Monday at 9/8c only on HGTV. 

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