'Love It Or List It' fans can't stop praising Hilary Farr's 'beautiful' wheelchair-friendly home renovation

Hilary Farr constructed a front porch that is also accessible by wheelchair and made the couple say "love It" to the renovated house

                            'Love It Or List It' fans can't stop praising Hilary Farr's 'beautiful' wheelchair-friendly home renovation
David Visentin and Hilary Farr (HGTV)

Trust Hilary Farr to completely turn things around when it comes to renovation. In this week's episode, when the Canadian designer reaches her next client's house, it was anything but organized.

Cramped spaces, dated furnishings, awkwardly positioned furniture — there were very few things that gave her confidence except for the garage area, where she eventually constructed the master bedroom. Ambitious right? There's more.

The couple Hilary Farr and David Visentin were meeting with had their own set of issues with the old home. The husband was convinced he wanted to move out because it wasn't wheelchair-friendly.

Meanwhile, the wife thought it would be better if Hilary could work her magic, redo the space, add a hangout space, fix the chaotic laundry space, and definitely make the bathroom bigger in size. What looked like a mammoth task, Hilary was able to get it done smoothly.

David too tries his best but there were multiple challenges in his way, majorly because he had to find a house that would be aligned with and support the husband's disability.

Unfortunately, houses like those are few and far between unless you get in a few handymen, who will build up a ramp for the person so that he/ she is able to commute around the house easily. 

The final reveal was like the moment of the season. Hilary extended a space into the front yard, where a cozy hangout space sat that came with a fireplace, fence, and a garden.  And what's amazing is that it is accessible to wheelchairs. "It's way above my expectations," said the wife.

She had been craving for an area in/out of the house where she could hang out with her girls. Say hello to a brand new porch! Hilary and her team also upgraded the interiors with modern, classy furniture with subtle fabric and color tones. The couple ''Loved it." 


Meanwhile, fans could not keep calm about how efficient Hilary is and how on point her design skills are. They have been calling her latest project "perfect" and "beautiful".

"Hilary killed it on this one! #1 stunner," a user tweeted. Another shared: "This couple is totally going to love their house. Hillary killed the accessible design for the husband and its gorgeous #Loveitorlistit."

"@Hilary_Farr is still my favorite interior designer. God, the new wheelchair-accessible ranch in this episode is both gorgeous and completely, perfectly functional. #LoveItOrListIt #shewins #shealwayswins," shared another user.

This season has been challenging for Hilary in terms of the varied range of needs of her clients and is sort of helping her up her game as a designer. 

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